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Kerry warns world will blow through critical climate change threshold unless global leaders step up

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US Climate Envoy John Kerry warned Wednesday that world leaders will blow through a critical climate-change threshold unless they dramatically accelerate the transition to clean energy. "Let me be absolutely clear...

John Kerry plans to stay in climate envoy role through late 2022, says climate action in Congress is ‘imperative

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John Kerry, President Joe Biden's Special Envoy for Climate, told CNN he plans to stay in his current role through at least the next major international climate summit in November. "There's no plan to do otherwise a...

Karl Rove reacts to John Kerry claiming climate crisis is worse than war in Ukraine: Where is his decency?

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JOHN KERRY: UKRAINE CRISIS IS BAD, BUT 'WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE' FLOOD OF CLIMATE REFUGEES KARL ROVE: …where is Mr. Kerry’s decency? People are dying in Ukraine and he is dismissing it saying if you think that’s bad, wait...

Rep. Gallagher blasts Biden admin for listening to John Kerry, ‘the high priest of climate change

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RICK PERRY: BIDEN'S POLICIES WILL CONTINUE TO DRIVE UP THE COST OF LIVING IN AMERICA MIKE GALLAGHER: If you add on to this absurdity with Russia, the fact that this administration is contemplating reviving the Iran d...

John Kerry excoriated for hoping Putin will focus on climate change amid Ukraine invasion: ‘Total clown show

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Kerry's comments came during an appearance Wednesday on BBC Arabic, in which Biden's climate envoy also lamented the potential "emissions consequences" from the war in Ukraine and worried the attention of large count...

John Kerry fears Russia-Ukraine war will distract from climate change

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"I'm concerned about Ukraine because of the people of Ukraine and because of the principles that are at risk, in terms of international law and trying to change boundaries of international law by force," Kerry, the U...

John Kerry hosts world’s largest carbon emitters in first forum since UN climate summit

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John Kerry on Thursday is hosting his first major international climate meeting of the year with the world's largest greenhouse gas emitters. The Major Economies Forum will focus on next steps following November's U...

Gene Kelly se dogter Kerry herinner aan 'Singin' in the Rain'-ster se hewige toewyding aan familie in Hollywood

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Gene Kelly, die geliefde sang-en-dans-man wat in rolprente soos "Singin 'in the Rain," "Op die Dorp," "Ankers Aweigh" en "’n Amerikaner in Parys," oorlede in 1996 op ouderdom 83. Die akteur het in 45 films en...

John Kerry sê COP26 is 'groter', meer verloof, meer dringend’ as verlede klimaatsberaad

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Kyk na die volledige onderhoud met John Kerry met Christiane Amanpour op CNN's "Amanpour" by 2 nm. ET/6 nm. GMT US Spesiale Presidensiële Gesant vir Klimaat John Kerry het Dinsdag gesê daar is "iets anders" gebeur...

Sy. Marco Rubio: Dit is tyd om John Kerry af te dank, Biden se eties uitgedaagde klimaat tsaar

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Vir weke, gerugte het in Washington gewerp oor president Joe Biden se klimaat tsaar John Kerry en sy opposisie om daadwerklik op te tree teen die gebruik van die Chinese Kommunistiese Party van slawe -arbeid. Nou, ons mag hê ...

John Kerry says emissions cuts are ‘do-ableas ministers wrap last meeting ahead of COP26

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US climate envoy John Kerry said Saturday that global targets to slash greenhouse gas emissions are "do-able," striking an optimistic tone at the end of final high-level meeting before the COP26 international climat...

Kerry James Marshall to create ‘racial-justice themedwindows for Washington National Cathedral

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The Washington National Cathedral announced Thursday it has commissioned renowned Black artist Kerry James Marshall to create "racial-justice themed windows" that will replace two stained-glass windows the church re...

Emmys 2021: Kerry Washington vereer wyle Michael K. Williams as 'briljant talentvol', vrygewige mens '

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"Michael was - dit is mal om te sê 'was' - was 'n briljante talentvolle akteur en 'n vrygewige mens wat ons heeltemal te vroeg verlaat het," het sy Sondag gesê terwyl sy die benoemdes vir beste manlike byrol in 'n Drama S aangebied het..

John Kerry is pushing China to do more on climate. Beijing is pushing back

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One question looms above all others in United States climate envoy John Kerry's climate diplomacy agenda: What can the US do about China? The two countries -- the world's biggest greenhouse gas emitters -- have se...

Kerry will travel to China and Japan to negotiate on climate action next week

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US Climate Envoy John Kerry will travel to China and Japan next week to meet with top climate officials in the lead-up to a pivotal United Nations climate conference in Glasgow in November. Kerry will be in Japan on...

As the climate crisis worsens in the US, pressure for action from Biden and Kerry grows

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In a summer of deadly and life-altering extreme weather, the Biden administration and Democrats are walking a tightrope, with a razor-thin majority in Congress, to enact policies that will reroute the US economy awa...

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