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Smith, do-it-all Kessler lead No. 21 Auburn past UCF, 85-68

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Kessler had 17 punte, a career-high 14 rebounds and six blocks, Smith scored 20 punte, and the 21st-ranked Tigers beat UCF 85-68 Woensdagaand. Rooibruin (6-1), which won two of three last week at the Battle 4 By...

Kessler, Geen. 11 Auburn topple unbeaten No. 16 GVE 70-55

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It was that kind of night for both Auburn's 7-foot-1 center and LSU's offense. Kessler had 16 punte, a career-high 11 blocked shots and 10 terugslae om nr. 11 Auburn to a 70-55 victory over previously unbeaten N...

CNN allows Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler to brag about top fact check of 2021 despite it being widely mocked

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Kessler’s most popular piece of the year, "Geen, the Taliban did not seize $ 85 billion of U.S. Weapons," claimed to debunk former President Trump’s Aug. 30 comment that "every penny of the $ 85 billion dollars in co...

NPR gives WaPo’s Kessler 8 minutes to defend widely criticized piece on Tim Scott’s ancestors

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Kessler explained that Scott's origin story, like those of many politicians, sounded a little too "tidy," and so he decided it would make an "interessant" feitekontrole. Kessler noted in his piece that Scott's humble be...

Nets sign Kessler Edwards to standard NBA contract before playoffs

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The second-round pick from Pepperdine had been on a two-way contract, which meant he couldn't play beginning next week. But the Nets changed that on the final day of the regular season. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTCOV...