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4 Los oficiales de policía de California están de licencia después de que un video muestra a un sospechoso siendo golpeado y pateado durante un arresto

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Cuatro oficiales en Glendale, California, han sido puestos en licencia administrativa después de que apareciera un video el martes que los mostraba luchando con un sospechoso de robo, en un momento patear al sospechoso masculino en la cabeza. El oficio..

Body camera shows Black man being tased, kicked and dragged by Louisiana troopers before his death

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Ronald Greene, a Black man who died after a pursuit by Louisiana State Police in 2019, can be heard apologizing to officers and telling them he was scared before being tased, dragged and kicked in newly obtained bod...

Six Flags theme park guest says she was kicked out, harassed over short-shorts

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A woman says that she was harassed by security and kicked out of an Oklahoma theme park because her shorts were too short. Segun ella, she was able to enter the park without any issues and it wasn’t until a cer...

New York City Asian man pushed to ground, kicked in head during brutal assault video shows

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The attack, which happened at 3rd Ave & mi. 125 S t. in Harlem, was captured on video surveillance. ADVERTENCIA: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT ASIAN HATE CRIMES IN NYC SKYROCKETED IN MARCH; MURDERS JUMPED 36%,...

Couple’s ‘no kidwedding leads to groom’s 3 sisters getting kicked out

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The anonymous groom wrote about a family spat his child-free wedding rule caused on Reddit's forums. "My wife and I got married 2 weeks ago. We wanted a child-free wedding so we've let everyone know my family/in-laws...

Mariah Carey has officially kicked off the Christmas season

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Thanksgiving may be over, but it's beginning to feel a whole lot like Christmas -- thanks to Mariah Carey. The trailer for Carey's upcoming Apple TV+ special, "Mariah Carey's Magical Christmas Special," debuted Frid...

Mother who was kicked off a flight because her toddler wouldn’t wear a mask wants airlines to change their policies

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Rachel Starr Davis, a single mother of a 2-year-old, is urging the airline industry to revise their face mask policies after she was kicked off a flight because her son refused to wear a face covering. Davis, her mo...

8,800 migrant kids were kicked out of the US under coronavirus border restrictions

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Por poco 9,000 unaccompanied migrant children have been kicked out of the United States without court hearings under the Trump administration's coronavirus restrictions at the border. A court declaration Friday from U...