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Philadelphia kidnapping suspect killed during FBI investigation in New Jersey, victim found safe

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The FBI told Fox News that agents from the Newark, N.J., and Philadelphia field offices were investigating the kidnapping in Leonia, N.J., just west of New York City, when they confronted the suspect. The unidentifi...

Georgia Little Caesars attack suspect arrested on assault, kidnapping charges

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Brittany Kennedy, 25, was located on the 300 block of Calvary Drive and taken into custody by the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office and U.S. Marshals, the sheriff’s office said in a press release. SOUTH CAROLINA MURD...

Nancy Grace examines possible motive in Dallas kidnapping, murder shown in chilling home surveillance video

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The footage from a baby monitoring system, exclusively obtained by the, shows Darriynn Brown, allegedly breaking into a Dallas home and taking Cash Gernon in the early Saturday morning hours. Gernon had...

Georgia kidnapping suspect killed by police after chase, sê owerhede

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Atlanta Police officers in Georgia fatally shot a kidnapping suspect early Tuesday after the man led them on a vehicle chase and a foot pursuit, owerhede gesê. The shooting happened in the city of Decatur, just ea...

California mom charged with falsely accusing Latino couple of attempted kidnapping

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"Momfluencer" Katie Sorensen of Sonoma, Kalifornië, is charged with giving false information to police over the December incident, the Petaluma Argus-Courier reported this week. She faces up to six months behind bars...

Houston police find more than 90 people in home after receiving kidnapping tips, some have COVID symptoms

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Police said they received tips Thursday that prompted an all-night investigation that eventually led investigators to the home on Friday. "When we got into the house we realized that there were over 90 people inside,...

Delphi murders: Indiana man charged with kidnapping 9-year-old girl eyed in unsolved case, ondersoekbeamptes sê

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James Brian Chadwell was arrested last week after he lured the girl into his home to pet his dogs and then beat and sexually assaulted her, according to court documents obtained by FOX59 Indianapolis. Police later di...

Drie studente vermoor in Nigerië na ontvoering aan die Greenfield Universiteit — plaaslike amptenaar

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Abuja, Nigerië Drie studente wat Dinsdag deur gewapende bandiete van die Greenfield Universiteit in Noord-Nigerië ontvoer is, is dood, het 'n plaaslike amptenaar Vrydag in 'n verklaring gesê. "Die gewapende bandiete wat St..

'N Polisiebeampte van Memphis word aangekla van ontvoering en moord op 'n man terwyl hy aan diens was

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'N Polisiebeampte van Memphis is Sondag in hegtenis geneem en word daarvan aangekla dat hy 'n man ontvoer en vermoor het terwyl hy aan diens was, polisie gesê. Patric Ferguson, 29, na bewering die 30-jarige Robert Howard doodgeskiet nadat hy hom gedwing het ...

'N Webwerfoperateur van pedofilie is in hegtenis geneem in die ontvoering van 'n 12-jarige meisie uit Kalifornië

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'N Owerheid in Virginia beskryf as 'n "Blanke heerser" en "'n advokaat vir pedofilie" staan ​​tereg op aanklagte in Kalifornië en Colorado omdat sy landwyd gereis het om 'n 12-jarige meisie te ontvoer. Nathan Daniel ...

Trump appears to give a pass at the domestic kidnapping plot against Whitmer

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President Donald Trump repeatedly attacked Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, 'n demokraat, during his rally in Lansing, Michigan, op Dinsdag, at one point taking credit for the FBI thwarting a plot to kidnap her and the...