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NBA player Meyer Leonard makes emotional apology to Jewish kids months after using anti-Semitic slur

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Leonard, who became emotional once he grabbed the microphone to address the group, started off by saying that he owes everybody "a sincere apology." 더 많은 스포츠 범위를 보려면 여기를 클릭하십시오. . "I've had a lot of reall...

Florida mom says kidsmasks becoming contaminated, calls on school to end strict mandate

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"Our kids have been in masks all day, seven hours a day in school," Donoho, who has a 10-year-old and twin 8-year-olds, said on Thursday. "The only break that they get is to eat or drink and that is it." She noted t...

켄터키 리틀 리그 게임이 부모들 간의 격렬한 싸움으로 변신, 눈물 속에 남겨진 아이들

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목격자들은 WKYT-TV에 한 관중이 스탠튼의 경기장으로 뛰어 들었다고 말했습니다., 120 루이빌에서 동쪽으로 마일, 심판에게 게임 종료를 촉구. 예정된 트로피 및 메달 수여식이 취소되었습니다.. 사건은 ...

박사. 니콜 사피어: 우리 아이들을위한 COVID 예방 접종을 중단합시다 — 여기 내 의사와 어머니로서의 견해입니다

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예방 접종을 한 성인은 새로운 사례를 상당히 줄였습니다. (95%), 입원 (87%) 그리고 죽음 (90%) 지난 COVID-19에서 6 개월. 예방 접종을하는 젊은 사람들의 원동력은 그들을 보호하는 동시에 ...

제니퍼 로페즈는 '심각한’ Ben Affleck에 대해’ 그녀의 아이들을 알게된다: 보고서

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두 사람은 최근 몇 주 동안 로맨스를 다시 불렀고 그 문제에 대한 공개적인 성명을 제시하지 않았습니다., 두 사람은 서로에 대한 애정을 숨기려고 거의 노력하지 않았습니다.. 몇 달 밖에 안됐지만 ...

Jill Biden and Kate Middleton: This is what our kids deserve

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First lady of the United States Jill Biden is a community college educator, 이상 30 years of classroom teaching experience. Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge has focused for 10 years on the critic...

1619 프로젝트의 Nikole Hannah-Jones는 오레곤 교육부에서 불우한 아이들로부터 자금을 돌려 받았습니다.

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"Every Day Matters의 리소스를 사용했습니다., 만성 결근에 집중," 주 공무원은 공공 기록 요청에 대한 응답으로 활동가 그룹 Oregonians for Liberty in Education에 말했습니다.. 모든 Da ..에 따르면.

Palestinian NGOs funded by US introduced kids to terrorists, watchdog finds

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The money originally arrived in the region as part of $ 500 million in relief funds from USAID, 보고서에 따르면. But six controversial non-government organizations received a total of $ 7.2 million between ...

시카고 총기 폭력으로 사망 3 더 많은 아이들이 2021 같은 시간에 비해 2020, 보고서는 말한다

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Chicago Sun-Times는 올해의 범죄 통계를 분석 한 결과 어린이 사망률이 같은 기간에 비해 3 배 높은 것으로 나타났습니다. 2020. 총기 폭력이 주장되었습니다 ...

COVID-19 vaccine trials in kids 5 and up begin

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Children held stuffed animals, played under chairs and a few cried at Ochsner Medical Center, just outside New Orleans. Their temperature and blood pressure were checked, their noses swabbed and their blood drawn for...

Another coronavirus side effect: Many kids head to summer school

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The decision was unanimous: summer school. "Getting them back into it, helping them socialize back with their friends, maybe meet some new people, 과, 물론이야, pick up the things that they lacked on Zoom," the Dur...

대표. Brady on border crisis: Harris in denial; influx of migrant kids making foster care system strained

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Brady called out the Biden Administration – especially Vice President Kamala Harris – for ignoring how the surge of migrants across the border is straining states like Texas that deal with the aftermath. "The proble...

Giving kids COVID-19 vaccine ‘not a high priorityamid shortage, 누가 말한다

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During a social media session, 박사. Kate O’Brien said children should not be a focus of COVID-19 immunization programs even as increasing numbers of rich countries authorize their coronavirus shots for teenagers and c...

사탕으로 어린 아이들을 유인 하려다 별개의 사건으로 체포 된 NYC 남성, 개: 경찰

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브랜든 로드리게스, 25, 2 건의 사건과 관련하여 화요일에 체포되었습니다., 둘 다 5 월 말 브루클린 학교 근처에서보고되었습니다. 뉴욕 경찰서에 따르면 (뉴욕 경찰), 로드리게스 승인 ...

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are getting serious, but her kids are her priority: 보고서

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As she and her Hollywood-star beau get closer and closer, the thrice-married singer is wondering if, at her age, "lightning can strike" again in her love life, a pal said, but another says she will never put romance ...

Pandemic made kidseyesight worse, 의사들은 말한다

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Eye doctors say they are seeing more children—many of whom were in virtual school—with new and worsening prescriptions for myopia, or near-sightedness. Rates of myopia in children were already increasing globally bef...

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