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La policía detalla las creencias de culto de la madre acusada en los niños’ fallecidos

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Los documentos del Departamento de Policía de Chandler en Arizona ofrecen una visión detallada de la vida de Lori y Chad Daybell a través de mensajes de texto., Archivos informáticos y entrevistas con amigos cercanos y familiares.. Ambos son ch ...

Una pareja de California desapareció después de robar millones en fondos de ayuda de Covid-19. Dejaron una nota de despedida para sus tres hijos

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Richard Ayvazyan y su esposa, Marietta Terabelian, se enfrentaban a la cárcel por su papel en un esquema masivo de fraude de socorro de covid cuando cortaron sus brazaletes de rastreo electrónico y huyeron de su hogar en California, aban ...

North Carolina schools won’t force kids vaccinated against or recently recovered from COVID-19 to quarantine

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Students vaccinated against COVID-19 and staff who have received their booster shots will not have to quarantine away from school after being exposed to someone with the virus. Students and staff who have had COVID-1...

Georgia mom opens clothing shop for foster kids after noticing their lack of possessions: ‘Broke my heart

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The boutique, called Blossom, is scheduled to open this month – though it has already started helping families, according to founder Linda Durrence. Durrence, 51, from Glennville, Georgia, told Fox News Digital that...

Ingraham: The Left is ‘obsessedwith teaching kids about gender identity

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LAURA INGRAHAM: If the last two weeks have taught us anything, it's that the Left is obsessed with teaching children about sexual and gender identity. In private schools, it's dubbed a queer inclusive curriculum. Eso'...

This California teen started a nonprofit to help kids learn about science. He just got accepted into Stanford

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Todos los años, high school seniors anxiously wait for college admissions letters, hoping they get accepted into their dream schools. Ahmed Muhammad was one of them. So when Muhammad got accepted into Stanford Universit...

America ‘not doing the sane thingfor kids during pandemic: Markowicz

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FAMILY KICKED OFF SPIRIT FLIGHT FOR TODDLER NOT WEARING MASK KAROL MARKOWICZ: America is taking just the strictest [approach]. ... That's why every time you see footage of a toddler being dragged off a plane for not ...

Tyrus criticizes PBS children show featuring drag queen reading to kids

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Durante una aparición en "El enfoque de Faulkner," Tyrus said that discussions around social issues and gender issues in his household is a decision that needs to be made at home, not by a television show. Tyrus said that...

You should talk about puberty with kids way before it’s here

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When my oldest child turned 11, I figured it was time to talk birds and bees and bodily changes, and purchased a couple of books that friends had recommended. When I tried to read the books with her, or get her to r...

Seattle mother explains how to protect kids against cultural indoctrination: ‘It is war

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As conservative parents across the country fear that progressive curricula will influence their children, activist Katy Faust suggested they focus on equipping kids with knowledge to resist assimilating to the cultur...

Clay Travis to Biden: Let’s settle debate on kids wearing masks

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And when it comes to fixing problems that affect Americans, especially dealing with our nation’s youth, Clay’s willing to knock on the right doors and put in the OT to get an answer. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA VER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA ...

Los hijos de Angelina Jolie son mayores., usa sus viejos vestidos en 'Eternals’ alfombra roja

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Jolie, 46, y cinco de sus seis hijos caminaron por la alfombra roja el lunes por la noche en el estreno de su próxima película de Marvel. "Eternos." Cada niño usó un conjunto diferente elegido del armario de Jolie y usado previamente..

British spy agency releases Christmas brainteaser for kids

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London The UK's largest spy agency, GCHQ, has sent out its annual Christmas card -- with a set of puzzles aimed at inspiring young would-be secret agents. Todos los años, the intelligence, cyber and security agency rele...

5 Niños baleados en Chicago: el pastor Brooks pregunta dónde está BLM, NAACP?

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Le recomendamos encarecidamente que vea el video adjunto para que pueda escuchar al pastor en sus propias palabras.. Esta noche, mi corazón se rompe. Una de las razones por las que estoy en este techo y en esta carpa es para traerles el awar...

Ukraine’s children: How to help vulnerable kids amid Russia’s attack

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Nonprofit groups are listing ways to assist Ukrainians in crisis, plus how those donations will be spent on efforts to support those in need. miembro del parlamento de Ucrania: LIVE UPDATES Save the Children (STC) This group a...

Tennessee mom charged with threatening to blow up son’s elementary school: ‘Kids will be missing

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Loretta Clayton, 30, was arrested after placing calls to Getwell Elementary in Memphis Wednesday. Court documents allege that a teaching assistant told law enforcement she took a call from Clayton, who phoned asking...

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