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Illinois 4th of July parade erupts into chaos after shooter kills 6, ferisce 31 altri; caccia all'uomo in corso

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The city of Highland Park initially stated that 16 people were injured and five were killed, but officials amended the total to six dead and 31 injured during an afternoon press conference. Authorities said a "high-p...

Ice avalanche kills six in Italian Alps amid heatwave

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At least six people were killed and another eight injured following an avalanche of ice in the Italian Alps, CNN affiliate Skytg24 said Sunday, citing first responders. At least a dozen people are still missing fol...

Toxic gas leak in Jordan kills at least 12 persone, injures hundreds

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Almeno 12 persone sono state uccise e 260 people were injured after toxic gas leaked out of a container in Jordan's port of Aqaba, Jordan's government told CNN Arabic on Monday. A video from a nearby CCTV camera releas...

Vehicle fleeing police kills a grandmother and injures 4 persone, including an 8-year-old

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A grandmother was killed and an 8-year-old boy was among four others injured when they were struck by a vehicle fleeing police Saturday night, officials in New York City said. New York Police Department officers had...

Illinois WeatherTech warehouse shooting kills 1, ferisce 2 altri

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Captain Anthony Columbus said that Bolingbrook Police Department officers were dispatched to 1 WeatherTech Way at 6:25 a.m. CDT for the report of a subject shot. The suspect was taken into custody around three hours...

La donna della Florida spara, uccide l'uomo che ha fatto irruzione nella sua camera da letto, dice la polizia

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La donna ha chiamato 911 in giro 8:45 a.m. dall'interno della sua casa di Clearwater nel 1600 blocco di Flagler Drive mentre lottava contro l'intruso, Lo ha detto ai giornalisti il ​​capo della polizia di Clearwater, Dan Slaughter. Slaughter ha detto che...

Fire at Shanghai petrochemical complex kills at least one person

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Hong Kong At least one person has died after a fire broke out at a petrochemical complex in Shanghai on Saturday, Chinese state media reported. The fire occurred in the ethylene glycol plant area of Sinopec's petroch...

Florida woman unintentionally fires gun, kills boy: polizia

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The Pembroke Pines Police Department said the woman and boy were family members, but did not offer any details on their relationship nor the age of the boy. "The firearm was discharged unintentionally due to negligen...

Un uomo della Georgia uccide la figlia, poi se stesso, dopo aver sparato a morte alla madre del bambino e aver ferito la nonna

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Un uomo ha sparato a morte alla figlia neonata prima di suicidarsi in Georgia domenica mattina dopo aver rapito il bambino dalla madre, secondo la polizia. Darian Bennett ha anche sparato e ucciso la madre del bambino e....

Detroit homeowner shoots, kills armed suspect he says pulled out gun: ‘I had to defend myself

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Maiso Jackson, a legal gun owner who has lived in the home for 20 anni, awoke around 4:30 a.m. to an unknown man banging on his door and yelling, he told FOX2 Detroit. The man claimed someone in the home owed him mo...

Mass shooting at Nigeria church kills dozens, says local lawmaker

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Nigeria A church in southwestern Nigeria became the site of a bloody attack on Sunday, according to local lawmakers. Attackers stormed into the church in the city of Owo and began "shooting sporadically," Adeyemi Ola...

Heavy rain kills 56 in northeast Brazil

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Almeno 56 people have died in Brazil's northeastern state of Pernambuco amid heavy rains over the weekend, according to the state's civil defense forces. Un ulteriore 56 people are missing and at least 25 are in...

Huge blast at illegal oil refinery in Nigeria kills scores of people, compresi i bambini

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Abuja, Nigeria Women and children are among the scores of people killed in an explosion at an illegal oil refinery in a border town in southern Nigeria, dicono le autorità. "The fire occurred in an illegal bunkering sit...

Bus crash in Zimbabwe kills 35 churchgoers

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Thirty-five people have died after a bus carrying more than 100 members of the Zion Christian Church crashed Thursday night near the town of Chimanimani, in eastern Zimbabwe, according to the Zimbabwe Republic Polic...

Una sparatoria a New York fuori dalla scuola del Bronx uccide un adolescente, Una sparatoria a New York fuori dalla scuola del Bronx uccide un adolescente

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Una sparatoria a New York fuori dalla scuola del Bronx uccide un adolescente 1:45 p.m. Una sparatoria a New York fuori dalla scuola del Bronx uccide un adolescente, ha detto il dipartimento di polizia di New York. Una sparatoria a New York fuori dalla scuola del Bronx uccide un adolescente.

Pennsylvania snow squall pileup kills 6, injures dozens of others

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Pennsylvania State Police announced Wednesday morning the crash killed six people. Initial reports stated three people had died, but the number of burning cars hampered authorities' ability to carry out a complete se...