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Brian Kilmeade: DOJ and FBI enabling hypocritical Democrats to live like they are ‘above the law

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BRIAN KILMEADE: [The Biden family is] heading off to a $ 1,000,000 mansion in South Carolina for a nice family vacation that will cost them nothing. The unequal justice has got to stop. FBI WEAPONIZED BY BIDEN JUST...

Brian Kilmeade on Trump Mar-a-Lago raid: Garland weaponized federal law enforcement

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BRIAN KILMEADE: Garland's admission was not a surprise. Na alles, this is the man who, spearheading the most wide-ranging investigation in the department's history with the January 6 probe—I don't know if you've not...

Kilmeade gril John Kirby oor Al-Kaïda se teenwoordigheid in Afghanistan ná Zawahri se dood

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AL-QAEDA-LEIER ZAWAHRI SE DOOD EN VRAE WAT ANTWOORDE BENODIG JOHN KIRBY: Die feit dat ons mnr. Zawahri in die middestad van Kaboel sonder 'n skraap aan enigiemand anders, stuur 'n redelik kragtige sein na die ...

Brian Kilmeade: Remember two months ago President Biden said we would defend Taiwan’s independence?

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BRIAN KILMEADE: Will she or won’t she? That is the question as it relates to a potential Taiwan trip by Speaker Pelosi. Now at this hour, all signs points to the Speaker making the visit. It would happen in a matter ...

Brian Kilmeade: Every administration has challenges, but this one defies logic

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BRIAN KILMEADE: What I have noticed over the last 18 maande, to my utter amazement, is the administration actually wants us to not believe what we know to be true and ignore facts as they actually are. I find it perp...

Kilmeade rooster Biden vir opmerkings oor inflasie, resessie: Hoe kan hy dit met 'n reguit gesig sê?

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TUCKER CARLSON: DIE AMERIKAANSE EKONOMIE IS TANS 'N RAMP BRIAN KILMEADE: Ons het 'n groot probleem, en in elke peiling, die meeste wat ek sien in terme van prioriteite vir die gemiddelde Amerikaner, klimaatsverandering is om 2%. Eva ...

Brian Kilmeade: Biden administration lost Americanstrust in it to handle record-high inflation

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BRIAN KILMEADE: We have a more personal story: the domestic one affecting everything and everything that you buy, where you go. The administration's track record right now has most of us convinced that they simply ar...

Brian Kilmeade reveals Biden’s double disappointment at home and on the world stage

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BRIAN KILMEADE: We begin perhaps with President Biden's double disappointment. Now as the president's domestic policy begins to crater to the point where not only will Democrats not want to support him, they don't wa...

Brian Kilmeade reveals why trust in media, other institutions is ‘faltering

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BRIAN KILMEADE: Trust in our institutions is faltering across the board. Dink daaroor. According to the Morning Consult tracker, trust in Congress is at 33%. That's down 10% from just a year ago. Die Hooggeregshof ...

Brian Kilmeade lays out the Supreme Court’s ‘week to remember

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BRIAN KILMEADE: We begin tonight with a week to remember in American judicial history as two titanic decisions were handed down. Eerste: Donderdag [saw] the biggest gun rights case in over a decade. The Supreme Court r...

Virginia Gov. Youngkin joins Brian Kilmeade on primary day, says liberal policies ‘ran off the page

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Ian Prior, executive director of Fight for Schools, joined Kilmeade at McLean’s Restaurant in Richmond, Virginia, to explain why he is pushing back against woke curriculums in schools. "What you’re seeing here is a ...

Brian Kilmeade reveals how political parties uniting despite Biden

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BRIAN KILMEADE: When you look under the hood and examine the mechanics behind compromise, it's actually taking place. D.C. is showing signs of coming together, but not because of President Biden — you know, the unite...

Brian Kilmeade explains why he has hope for America

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BRIAN KILMEADE: If you look at what the Democrats have done, you would think America is heading in such a wrong direction. You almost have to hide your disbelieving eyes. Maar eintlik, I see — drum roll, please — hop...

Brian Kilmeade: Is Joe Biden’s luck running out?

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BRIAN KILMEADE: For the last two years, you could argue that President Biden has been the luckiest man on the face of the earth. Dink daaroor. After crashing and burning in the debates, caucuses and primaries, Oekraïners in die buiteland het in groot getalle teruggekeer huis toe om te veg sedert Rusland binnegeval het.

Brian Kilmeade recounts the history of Memorial Day

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BRIAN KILMEADE: You may be preparing to fire up the grill, enjoy time with family and friends, especially after the last two years. Really appreciate the three-day weekend, reg? It's a stark reminder that freedom i...

Brian Kilmeade shows the domestic problems that get Biden ‘canceled

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BRIAN KILMEADE: You spend your time focusing on green energy instead of your own energy in producing American oil and gas. In plaas daarvan, you sell our soul to Venezuela. Ja. And you have them drill it — dirty oil. In som...

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