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Rare bluefin tuna washes up on United Kingdom beach, prompts concerns of migration changes

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A rare fish was found washed up on a beach in the United Kingdom. This particular fish isn’t commonly found in that area, prompting some experts to speculate that changing ocean temperatures may be causing the specie...

Thai court rules protesters sought to topple monarchy as kingdom defends royal insults law at UN

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Bangkok, ThailandA Thai court ruled on Wednesday that three anti-government activists who had called for reform of the country's powerful monarchy had violated the constitution by making what it called a veiled attem...

Pelosi critica al Partido Republicano como un "culto"’ mientras viaja al extranjero en Reino Unido

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"Les digo a mis amigos republicanos y tengo algunos," Pelosi dijo en un evento en Cambridge, Inglaterra, provocando la risa de la audiencia. "Recupera tu fiesta. Eres el Grand Old Party of America, lo has hecho de maravilla ....

Gorillas find snake in Disney World’s Animal Kingdom exhibit in viral video

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Guests visiting the Animal Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida got to see something special when they stopped by the gorilla exhibit. Aparentemente, a small snake had made its way into the enclosure and t...

White House considers testing requirement for travelers from the United Kingdom

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The White House is considering requiring travelers from the United Kingdom to present proof of a negative coronavirus test before arriving in the United States, dos funcionarios de la administración le dicen a CNN. The discussions...

Israel and the Kingdom of Bahrain to establish ‘full diplomatic relations,’ Trump says

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President Donald Trump announced that Israel and the Kingdom of Bahrain have agreed to the "establishment of full diplomatic relations," in a joint statement tweeted out by the President on Friday. The announcement...