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‘Kominsky Methodstar Michael Douglas admits he still gets ‘nervous’ op stel

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The 76-year-old actor, who won a Gloden Globe award in 2019 for the role, said that working with creator Chuck Lorre and the ensemble cast was "rewarding." He revealed what intrigued him about signing on a streaming ...

‘The Kominsky Methodsays class dismissed with a short but sweet final season

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"The Kominsky Method" has often felt like the anti-sitcom sitcom, a Netflix series that proudly revels in inside-Hollywood references, originally built around a pair of characters whose combined age was roughly 150....

‘Kominsky Methodstar Kathleen Turner says chemistry with Michael Douglas was ‘immediate

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They first starred together in the 1984 action-adventure "Romancing the Stone" and reunited on the upcoming third and final season of "The Kominsky Method." Turner, 66, plays Roz, the non-nonsense ex-wife of Douglas,...