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Top 5 quarterback performances of Week 6: Kyler Murray leads Cardinals to 6-0 opneem

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KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Burrow completed 19 van 29 slaag vir 271 yards with three touchdowns in the victory. Rookie wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase hauled in four receptions for 97 erwe. The Bengals improv...

MVP Watch: Kyler Murray skyrockets after electric start for Arizona Cardinals

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Patrick Mahomes' odds to win the award have remained consistent for three consecutive weeks, but some other superstar QBs behind him are closing the gap! Here are the top MVP favorites, according to FOX Bet's insight...

Kardinale’ Kyler Murray building early season MVP case after historic first 2 speletjies

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In Week 1, Murray had 289 verbygaande erwe, four touchdown passes and an interception in a 38-13 victory over the Tennessee Titans. He added a touchdown on the ground as well. In Week 2, hy het 400 verbygaande erwe, drie ...

Kyler Murray, Chandler Jones lead Cardinals to blowout win over Titans

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Murray was the leader on offense for the Cardinals. He finished with five total touchdowns in the game. He had four passing touchdowns and another rushing touchdown in the big victory. CLICK HERE FOR MORE SPORTS COVE...

Kardinale’ DeAndre Hopkins pulls down Kyler Murray’s pass for incredible TD

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Kyler Murray was feeling the pressure at 3rd and goal when the former NFL Rookie of the Year broke free near the 20-yard line and launched the ball into the endzone. TREY LANCE SCORES TOUCHDOWN WITH FIRST CAREER PAS...