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Nick Kyrgios and Thanasi Kokkinakis are taking the Australian Open by storm

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Had you taken a stroll past the Kia Arena in Melbourne this week, you could have been forgiven for assuming that a rock and roll festival was taking place. If somebody then corrected you and said that the din was ac...

Tennis star Nick Kyrgios drops out of Olympics over fan ban, lesioni

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Kyrgios said the decision to bar spectators and the need to be healthy for future tournaments were some of the reasons for his withdrawal. CLICCA QUI PER MAGGIORE COPERTURA SPORTIVA . "It’s been my dream to represent A...

Kyrgios ‘not bad for a part-time playerin Wimbledon win

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Even if he hadn't played on tour at all since February, even if he came in with a grand total of 15 matches of competition over the past 18 mesi, Kyrgios showed he still can deliver the goods when he puts his mind ...

Nick Kyrgios throws tantrum at US Open over towels: ‘It’s just absurd for me

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Kyrgios, who’s known for bad behavior on the court, had a testy exchange with chair umpire Carlos Bernardes during the match. Bernardes asked Kyrgios to put his used towels close to the bins, secondo ESPN. L'A...

Australian tennis pro Nick Kyrgios ’embarrassedover handling of Novak Djokovic visa situation

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Kyrgios, who pulled out of the Sydney Tennis Classic on Monday after testing positive for COVID-19, shared his frustrations on his Instagram Stories. NOVAK DJOKOVIC RESUMES TRAINING AHEAD OF AUSTRALIAN OPEN AS TRANS...