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La giuria ha esortato a risarcire milioni di danni mentre iniziano le discussioni conclusive nella causa di Vanessa Bryant contro L.A.. contea

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Los Angeles In quello che sarebbe stato il 44esimo compleanno di Kobe Bryant, Martedì gli avvocati della sua vedova e un co-querelante hanno esortato una giuria a prendere in considerazione l'assegnazione di milioni di dollari per stress emotivo e violazione di cost...

Supreme Court and conservative ‘forces of hatelooking to undo progress of the 1960s: LA. Times column

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For Milsaps College professor Robert S. McElvaine, who wrote the piece, it might be even worse than that. "The United States in 2022 is at a crossroads and the direction taken will likely determine whether the experi...

NASCAR Clash at the L.A. Coliseum returning in 2023

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The stock car racing series has confirmed that it's pre-season exhibition Clash will return to the L.A. Coliseum on February 5. The event was held this year for the first time on a temporary quarter-mile oval built i...

Construction starts on world’s largest wildlife crossing to let animals roam over 10 lanes of L.A. autostrada

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Los Angeles Wild animals in Southern California soon will have more turf to roam thanks to the world's biggest wildlife crossing, which will span 10 lanes of Highway 101 in northwest Los Angeles to close a crucial ga...

LA. Times columnist: Parental rights in education laws ‘puritanical anti-sex, anti-birth-control, anti-woman’

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According to columnist Robin Abcarian, "essi [bambini] are sexually active" and GOP lawmakers have no right to prevent their sex ed at a young age. Abcarian began her column with the question, "Why is the GOP so he...

È con il cuore spezzato. Angeli’ È con il cuore spezzato

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È con il cuore spezzato, È con il cuore spezzato, È con il cuore spezzato 2019 È con il cuore spezzato, È con il cuore spezzato.

Joey Logano wins NASCAR’s Clash at the L.A. Coliseum

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The Team Penske driver won the first NASCAR Clash race ever held inside the iconic stadium and also claimed the inaugural victory for NASCAR's new Next Gen Cup Series car. The 150-lap exhibition race took place on a ...

Here’s how NASCAR is building a million-dollar disposable track in the L.A. Coliseum

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New Valley Construction of Phoenix, Ariz., is in the process of paving over the entire field inside the L.A. Memorial Coliseum for February’s NASCAR Busch Light Clash at the Coliseum season-opening exhibition race. T ...

NASCAR’s L.A. Coliseum track will cost $1 million to build

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NASCAR's Vice President of Marketing Services Patrick Rogers confirmed the figure Sports Business Journal's Adam Stern ahead of the start of construction this week. The pavement will cover the entire infield of the h...

La vedova di Kobe Bryant vuole che il giudice punisca Los Angeles. Contea per aver distrutto le foto della scena dell'incidente, documenti del tribunale

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Vanessa Bryant vuole che un giudice punisca i funzionari della contea di Los Angeles per aver distrutto le foto dell'incidente in elicottero di Kobe Bryant che sarebbero state condivise, secondo i documenti del tribunale depositati dai suoi avvocati. "forze dell'ordine...

Teen son of wealthy L.A. businessman gets nine months for deadly Lamborghini crash

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A judge also sentenced the teen to four years probation for the deadly Feb. 17 incidente. He was traveling at 106 mph at the point of impact and lost control when he crashed into Monique Munoz, who was driving a Lexus...

2022 NASCAR season to open at L.A. Coliseum

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The annual exhibition Clash, held at Daytona International Speedway since 1979, will shift to Los Angeles next year. The invitation-only race was always the kickoff to competitive NASCAR racing and held the week befo...

Laura Ingraham a Los Angeles: Unità speciale della polizia di Los Angeles che ha un impatto sulla violenza delle bande, crimine

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Ha intervistato il sergente della polizia di Los Angeles. Ronald Kingi, un veterano della forza di 27 anni, che ha condiviso come l'unità speciale è stata in grado di aiutare a trasformare un parco di Los Angeles. "Un paio d'anni fa, questo parco è stato invaso da Black and Hispan...

Venice Beach violence reaches boiling point in L.A. as new viral video emerges

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A video posted online Friday appears to show a homeless man being attacked by an unidentified man and woman as he sits on the ground near the boardwalk – while other people walk past without intervening. Concerns fro...

Kamala Harris heads to L.A. home after long-awaited border visit

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After spending a few hours in El Paso, Texas, on Friday – on what one Republican described as a "parachuting" visit – the vice president continued west to Los Angeles, where she planned to spend time at her home in t...

LA. County Sheriff calls for Americans, police to ‘focus on interacting respectfully with each other

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VILLANUEVA: It is becoming all too common now, and this is a reality that our deputies face on the streets, and it's not so much that people with the bullhorn screaming at the top of their lungs it's the politicians ...