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US bans cotton and tomato products from China’s Xinjiang region over forced labor concerns

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The US has banned imports of cotton products and tomatoes produced in China's Xinjiang region over forced labor concerns, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said on Wednesday. The agency said the region-wide ban...

Biden to introduce commerce and labor secretary nominees Friday

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President-elect Joe Biden on Friday will introduce his nominees for commerce and labor secretary and other members of his economic and jobs team at an event in Wilmington, Delaware, according to his transition team....

Biden sostituirà il sindaco di Boston Marty Walsh come segretario del lavoro

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Il presidente eletto Joe Biden dovrebbe toccare il sindaco di Boston Marty Walsh come segretario del lavoro, dicono alla CNN due fonti che hanno familiarità con la decisione. Questa storia è in sospeso e verrà aggiornata.

Trump estende le restrizioni all'immigrazione, citando l'impatto della pandemia sul mercato del lavoro

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Il presidente Donald Trump ha esteso alcune restrizioni all'immigrazione legale e ai visti che consentono agli immigrati di lavorare temporaneamente negli Stati Uniti giovedì, poche ore prima che tali restrizioni venissero applicate..

Questi sono stati i lavori più letali negli Stati Uniti lo scorso anno, secondo il Bureau of Labor Statistics

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I decessi legati al lavoro hanno raggiunto il massimo di 12 anni in 2019 a più di 5,300, secondo i nuovi dati del Bureau of Labor Statistics. Ogni operaio moriva 99 minuti da un infortunio sul lavoro in 2019, riportato dal BLS ...

Democratic lawmakers introduce a resolution to amend the 13th Amendment to end forced prison labor

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Congressional Democrats want to amend a section of the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery, to end what they refer to as another form of slavery -- forced prison labor. Suo. Jeff Merkley of Oregon and Rep. Willi...

Una donna in travaglio ha smesso di votare prima di andare in ospedale

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Una donna in travaglio della Florida doveva fare una tappa importante prima di andare in ospedale -- è andata a votare. Un uomo è entrato nell'ufficio elettorale di Orange County a Orlando lo scorso ottobre 27 su richiesta "un voto-...

Costco drops Chaokoh coconut milk over allegations of forced monkey labor

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Costco has reportedly stopped purchasing Chaokoh coconut milk after PETA accused its manufacturer, the Thailand-based company Theppadungporn Coconut Co., of using forced monkey labor. PETA investigators from its Asi...

Woman goes into labor and gives birth in the middle of taking the bar exam

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Taking the bar exam is hard enough, but one Illinois woman took it to the next level by having a baby in the middle of the test. Brianna Hill, a recent graduate of the Loyola University School of Law in Chicago, kn ...

Hundreds arrested at protests over labor law in Jakarta

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Indonesian police arrested 400 people Thursday at protests in the capital Jakarta against a contentious new jobs-creation law that critics say undermines workers' rights, state news agency Antara reported. At least...

US restricts palm oil imports from Malaysia over alleged forced labor abuses

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US Customs and Border Protection will block imports of palm oil and palm oil products from Malaysia in the latest move by the agency targeting overseas forced labor practices. The restrictions, which go into effect ...

Affluent White student-athletes are profiting from the labor of their poor Black peers, dice lo studio

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A new study of the economics of college sports found that affluent White students are profiting off the labor of poor Black students. The study from the National Bureau of Economic Research, published August 31, ana...

Il 37 most absurd lines from Donald Trump’s Labor Day ‘news conference

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President Donald Trump held a news conference gave a speech on Labor Day, a grievance-and-falsehood-filled address that was more fitting for a campaign rally than the White House. I went through his remarks and pull...

Kathie Lee Gifford’s son Cody Gifford ties the knot over Labor Day weekend

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Kathie Lee Gifford's son Cody Gifford has married actress Erika Brown. The former morning show host posted about the Labor Day weekend festivities on her Instagram account, writing a sweet caption beside a picture o...

80% of the buildings in an eastern Washington town were destroyed during a Labor Day firestorm

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A small town in eastern Washington is in ruins after a fast-moving wildfire swept through Monday, and teams are still working to account for all residents, county officials said. Di 80% of the homes and buildings...

What’s open and closed on Labor Day 2020

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Every year on Labor Day, Americans celebrate the US labor movement, as well as the countless hard workers who built this country and keep it running strong. As of July 2020, there were more than 159 million people i...