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‘I barely function some days’: Covid ‘long haulersstruggle to work amid labor shortage

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Laurie Bedell feels trapped inside her home and her ailing body. "I pretty much live here in the living room," Bedell said from her house near Pittsburgh. "I feel like I've lost the life that I had." Lo scorso novembre, ...

‘Quite disruptive’: Months-long processing delays leave people out of work amid nationwide labor shortage

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Dayana Vera de Aponte had locked in her holiday plans after nearly two years of uncertainty fueled by the coronavirus pandemic, but then the unexpected happen: she lost her job because of an unprecedented US governm...

17 NBA players make tens of millions off sneakers made with Chinese slave labor cotton

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Dietro le quinte, China’s violations of human rights have long been a topic of contention for major U.S. companies and the NBA — making their silent opposition to doing business with China an ongoing two-faced partn...

3 Democrats join Republicans in sinking Biden nominee to lead Labor division

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Three moderate Senate Democrats joined Republicans on Wednesday night in voting against advancing President Joe Biden's nominee to head the Labor Department's Wage and Hour Division. Democratic Sens. Kyrsten Cinema,...

80% of the buildings in an eastern Washington town were destroyed during a Labor Day firestorm

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A small town in eastern Washington is in ruins after a fast-moving wildfire swept through Monday, and teams are still working to account for all residents, hanno detto i funzionari della contea. Di 80% of the homes and buildings...

9 Labor Day weekend car deals to look for

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Transaction prices have reached record highs and a J.D. Power study found that the average incentive across the market dropped to just 4.3% in agosto. Used car prices are also through the roof, but that means savvy s...

Una donna in travaglio ha smesso di votare prima di andare in ospedale

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Una donna in travaglio della Florida doveva fare una tappa importante prima di andare in ospedale -- è andata a votare. Un uomo è entrato nell'ufficio elettorale di Orange County a Orlando lo scorso ottobre 27 su richiesta "un voto-...

Affluent White student-athletes are profiting from the labor of their poor Black peers, dice lo studio

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A new study of the economics of college sports found that affluent White students are profiting off the labor of poor Black students. The study from the National Bureau of Economic Research, published August 31, ana...

After Chicago Labor Day weekend shootings wound 8 bambini, top cop pleads with public

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Chicago Police Superintendent David O. Brown delivered his impassioned plea to the public on Monday morning, as the extended violent weekend nears a close. At least eight of the dozens of shooting victims reported so...

Biden says labor unions ‘brung me to the dance’ in politica

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Biden met with the union’s leadership, including IBEW President Lonnie Stephenson. He interacted with some workers during the short visit, declaring at one point that union members were the supporters who "brung me t...

Biden to introduce commerce and labor secretary nominees Friday

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President-elect Joe Biden on Friday will introduce his nominees for commerce and labor secretary and other members of his economic and jobs team at an event in Wilmington, Delaware, according to his transition team....

Biden to make 20,000 additional guest-worker visas available this winter amid labor shortages

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The Biden administration will make an additional 20,000 seasonal, guest-worker visas available for the winter season for the first time, the Department of Homeland Security announced Monday. DHS has previously uppe...

Biden sostituirà il sindaco di Boston Marty Walsh come segretario del lavoro

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Il presidente eletto Joe Biden dovrebbe toccare il sindaco di Boston Marty Walsh come segretario del lavoro, dicono alla CNN due fonti che hanno familiarità con la decisione. Questa storia è in sospeso e verrà aggiornata.

Callista e Newt Gingrich: On Labor Day 2021 here’s what COVID has taught us about American workers

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The legislation which made Labor Day a national holiday was signed into law by President Grover Cleveland in 1894. It was created during a time of rapid industrialization and economic growth, as much of the United St...

Clinton labor secretary: I don’t recognize Democrats‘dialogue

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Herman told "Il tuo mondo" that her former boss, President Clinton, "counterintuitively" but successfully brought business, labor, Democrats and Republicans together and ushered in what was the last U.S. budget surplus...

Costco lascia cadere il latte di cocco di Chaokoh per le accuse di lavoro forzato sulle scimmie

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Secondo quanto riferito, Costco ha smesso di acquistare latte di cocco Chaokoh dopo che PETA ha accusato il suo produttore, la società thailandese Theppadungporn Coconut Co., di usare il lavoro forzato delle scimmie. Investigatori PETA dalla sua Asi...