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Tomi Lahren on ‘Fox & Gli amici prima di tutto: Supreme Court leak ‘absolutely an intimidation and distraction tactic

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DEMOCRATS CONDEMN SUPREME COURT ABORTION DRAFT AS ‘ABOMINATION,’ URGE CONGRESS TO CODIFY ROE V WADE TOMI LAHREN: [Questo è] Absolutely an intimidation tactic and also a distraction tactic here. I think that the only w...

Tomi lahren: I media mainstream non vogliono sapere la verità su Hunter Biden

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HUNTER BIDEN ASSOCIATE VISITATO OBAMA-BIDEN WHITE HOUSE 7 VOLTE DOPO ESSERE IL CAPO DELLA PANY CON LEGAME DEL PCC TOMI LAHREN: Questo è importante per tutti gli americani e per il fatto che quelli dei media mainstream, o almeno sembra...

Tomi Lahren on ‘Fox & Gli amici prima di tutto: Americans should know who is running our country

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FOTOGRAFIE: BIDEN CAUGHT USING CUE CARDS IN TRYING TO PAPER OVER UKRAINE GAFFE ABOUT OUSTING PUTIN TOMI LAHREN: This is the equivalent of taking a test in high school in which you have the answers and you still fail. io ...

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Tomi Lahren on ‘Great Resignation’ sondaggio: ‘We incentivized laziness for too long

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BIDEN BLAMES PUTIN, COVID FOR RECORD-HIGH INFLATION IN US TOMI LAHREN: si, do they really regret giving up their jobs, or they regret the fact that they don't have those expanded unemployment benefits? … When the g...

Tomi Lahren rips Biden admin’s electric car push: ‘A slap in the face to the American people’

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BLINKEN SAYS US WEIGHING RUSSIAN OIL BAN ‘IN COORDINATION’ WITH ALLIES TOMI LAHREN: [Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris] think that this repeated talking point of green jobs and green energy is going to do the trick, b ...

Tomi lahren: Why is defending Ukraine’s border the priority over securing our own?

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"So let me get this straight, we are debating whether to defend Ukraine’s border but our illustrious president has no plan to defend ours?" said Lahren Lahren went on to discuss the turmoil occurring in Eastern Europ...

Tomi lahren: Americans are sick of wokeism but Democrats won’t stop pushing it

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WHILE DEMOCRATS CALLED FOR DEFUNDING THE POLICE, OFFICERS WERE KILLED AT HIGH RATE TOMI LAHREN: Bene, ascolta, he just told us last week that he doesn't care about polls, so I'm not sure that he really cares about his...

Tomi Lahren dubs Biden’s press conference an ‘incoherent, tone-deaf disaster’

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"Train wreck. Dumpster Fire. Gaslighting. Incoherent, tone-deaf disaster," Lahren described on her daily Fox Nation show. "That about sums up President Biden’s sixth solo press conference and, not coincidentally, il suo...

Tomi Lahren rivela i Democratici’ risposta ai bassi indici di approvazione di Biden

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"Uno, [Democratici] stanno ritirando i loro incarichi e scelgono di non candidarsi alla rielezione, che non è una cattiva idea dato che molti perderebbero comunque i loro posti, e comodi lavori di lobbying e consulenza sono un uso molto più redditizio o...

Tomi Lahren on VP Harris’ latest interview: She thinks she can ‘just wing it

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KAMALA HARRIS CRUSHED FOR NON-ANSWER ON BIDEN'S COVID STRATEGY TOMI LAHREN: I think we will need Joe Biden’s sign language interpreter to interpret that one, it did not make a lot of sense. I don’t think she was expe...

Pennsylvania is the latest destination for ‘Biden Airillegal immigrant flights: Lahren, Jones

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Su "Fox News Primetime", host Lawrence Jones shared photos captured by ex-Rep. Lou Barletta on Christmas night at the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport in Avoca, Pennsylvania that allegedly show surreptitio...

Tomi Lahren sul piano di trattamento COVID basato sulla razza di New York: "Questo non è progressismo", questa è solo follia'

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NEW YORK DICE CHE DARÀ PRIORITÀ AI PAZIENTI NON BIANCHI PER I TRATTAMENTI COVID TOMI LAHREN: Per il partito che afferma di volere l'unità, stanno sicuramente inviando alcuni messaggi contrastanti qui. E penso che dovremmo prenderci tutti una pag...

Democrats banking on Americans being ‘stupid’ avanti 2022 midterms: Lahren

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"Democrats are not down and out just because it looks like they're going to lose the House," Webb told guest host Pete Hegseth. "I think the Republican Party shouldn't just focus on Congress," Egli ha detto. "Look to the...

Tomi lahren: Democrats who don’t agree with Bette Midler need to stand up and speak out

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TOMI LAHREN: That's what they honestly think of us, and that's not all Democrats, but that certainly a lot of liberal elites out there, especially in Hollywood and unfortunately even our elected Democrats, a few of t...

Tomi Lahren scolds ‘heartless, il male’ Twitter liberals for using deadly tornado to attack Republicans

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"Purtroppo, some blue check Twitter liberals were incapable of showing compassion and instead used death and tragedy to advance their beloved climate change narrative," Lahren said on Tuesday's episode of "Final Thoughts...