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Tomi Lahren rips MLB, Delta’s ‘undemocraticID hypocrisy: You need it to board a flight

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法律, which prohibits electioneering within several dozen feet of a poll, expands some early voting and institutes stronger identification requirements for Georgians seeking to vote absentee, caused a firestorm af...

Tomi Lahren to speak at Clemson despite studentsattempts to ‘sabotage’ イベント: ‘It didn’t work, snowflakes

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In her "最終的な考え" on Fox Nation, Lahren said College Democrats and Black Lives Matter groups on campus tried multiple avenues to sabotage and undermine the event. "They condemned it and me. Then they tried to c...

ラーレン: Forced vaccines could be the latest in ‘shifting propaganda campaignof ‘tyrants

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"A new report shows nearly 40% of our United States Marines have declined getting a COVID vaccine and guess what, that is every bit their right to refuse," 彼女は言いました. "It’s plain as day the Democrats have been playing...

トミ・ラーレン: BLMの「ファイアストーム」を引き起こすすべての事件は、コンプライアンスの疑いで回避できたはずです。

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ラーレンは、 "BLMまたは社会正義の大火事に火をつけた" 被害者が法律を遵守していれば回避できたはずです, マイケルブラウンを含む, アルトンスターリング, フレディグレイとジョージ ...


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"政治をしたくない, しかし、これは危機です - 純粋でシンプル," ヒラベンド市長のクリス・リッグスはラーレンに語った, 最近南の国境を訪れた人. 彼はsに対処するために最善を尽くしていると付け加えた。.

Tomi Lahren blasts CNN after leaked videos of staffer go viral: ‘Shockingbut ‘not surprising

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"ええ, the most trusted name in news, my foot!" said Lahren. "What happened to seek the truth and report it? What happened to journalism? To holding leaders, of all political parties, 説明責任?" In the videos of C...

Tomi Lahren blasts ‘vile excuse for a human beingMaxine Waters for ‘inciting violencein Minnesota

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ラーレン: All the left has been wanting to talk about for the last several months is January 6, a single day. Let's recall that Donald Trump was deplatformed from all of social media for encouraging his supporters to p...

トミ・ラーレン: Waters, Biden essentially gave prospective rioters ‘a pass to go wildif Chauvin acquitted

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週の初め, Waters, 82, flew to the Twin Cities to join protesters in Brooklyn Center, ミン. "We're looking for a guilty verdict... If nothing does not happen, then we know that we got to not only stay in th...

トミ・ラーレンがコロンバスの銃撃の誤解を招く報道のために左寄りのアウトレットを爆破する: 警察は「勝てない」’

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"コロンバスの警察は、若い黒人の女の子が繰り返し刺そうとした後、呼び出されます, でも二人," ラーレンが始まった. "彼女は別の若い黒人の女の子を致命的に刺すことができる前に致命的に撃たれました。.

Tomi Lahren takes on 2021 オスカー: ‘Bogus and totally disingenuous moral crusade

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"私, for one, had and have no desire to watch these Trump-deranged Hollywood Liberals grandstand on their soapboxes with useless and bogus virtue signaling," Lahren said. The show earned record-low ratings after it w...

トミ・ラーレンは若い民主党員について怒鳴った後、リベラルな漫画ビル・マーを賞賛します’ 「愚かな考え’

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マハー, 65, 彼のプログラムで言った "リアルタイム" その若い進歩的な民主党員の共産主義に対する賞賛, 社会主義, 法執行機関等の廃止は "愚か" 危険です. "あなたはこの会社の広告主がなぜか知っています。.

「プラティチュードと政治劇:’ トミ・ラーレンとオールスターのパネルがバイデンの議会への演説に反応する

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エルモアがホストのトミ・ラーレンに加わった, FoxNationのホストであるDavidWebbとFoxNewsの寄稿者であるJasonChaffetzと共に, バイデンの住所に反応する, 追加する, "あなたはそれらすべての礼儀を1つのスピーチにかろうじて入れることができませんでした, 本当。"...

トミ・ラーレン: Americans ‘don’t need permissionfrom Biden to ‘go back to normal

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The Fox Nation host made the comment on "物語" to react to President Biden's address to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday, which was largely overshadowed by the sparse audience of lawmakers -- all of whom...


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"法執行機関が, 奉仕と保護のために命を懸けた人々, 有名人から主流メディアに至るまで、そして大統領によってさえ、悪魔化され、軽蔑されてきました。 ...

Tomi Lahren to Big Tech: Why do you have to censor conservatives?

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トミ・ラーレン: ええ, I really do think that it needed to come to this in order to wake people up and understand if they can do this to the former president of the United States, someone who may very well run again in 2...

Tomi Lahren on the appearance that drew backlash, protests from ‘anti-free speech liberalsin ‘Back the Blue

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As seen in the special, Lahren delivered a scathing rebuke to the "snowflakes" attempting to shut down the event, reaffirming that she would not be deterred from speaking at the South Carolina-based University. "彼ら...

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