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‘Winter is vanishingfrom the deep waters of Lake Michigan

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As the globe continues to warm at an astonishing rate due to climate change, winter is shrinking at depths we've never known before, including the Great Lakes. A study conducted by scientists at the National Oceani...

The Coast Guard rescued 10 people stranded on ice floes in Lake Erie

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Ten people became stranded on floating sheets of ice in Lake Erie on Sunday, requiring rescue from the local Coast Guard. The group became stuck on two ice floes near a waterfront park in Cleveland, Ohio, the Coast ...

Bodies of drowned deer recovered from frozen lake after being scared by poachers

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Warskou, PolandPolish rescuers recovered the bodies of a herd of drowned deer on Thursday after illegal poachers scared the animals with firecrackers and drove them onto a frozen lake where the ice then broke. The res...

Park workers found a goldfish in a lake. A 9-pound goldfish

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Parks and recreation workers in South Carolina made an extraordinary discovery during a routine water quality test at a small lake. The crew caught a 9-pound goldfish that was about 15 inches long in the murky water...

'N Vrou is dood terwyl sy in 'n meer in Montana's National Park duik

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'N 18-jarige vrou is Sondag in 'n duikongeluk in Montana's National Park dood. 'N Parkwagter reageer op ongeveer 'n berig oor 'n ongeluk 5:50 nm., volgens 'n nuusverklaring van die National ...

201-year-old steamship paddle wheels found in Lake Champlain belonging to one of the oldest wrecks of its kind in the US

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The long-lost paddle wheels from a steamboat shipwreck in 1819 were discovered deep in the waters of Lake Champlain in Vermont. Avocational diver Gary Lefebvre of Colchester, Vermont was exploring the waters of Lake...