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Teen son of wealthy L.A. businessman gets nine months for deadly Lamborghini crash

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A judge also sentenced the teen to four years probation for the deadly Feb. 17 voorval. He was traveling at 106 mph at the point of impact and lost control when he crashed into Monique Munoz, who was driving a Lexus...

Bizarre ‘nudeLamborghini sold for $111,111

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A wild custom car inspired by a low-resolution image of a Lamborghini Countach has been auctioned for $ 111,111.

LA aims to curb street racing; family of woman killed by speeding Lamborghini says it’s not enough

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Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez, who introduced the measure last month, noted that street racing "generally occurs over a short section of a wide, straight local road with low levels of traffic volumes and easy access ...

Lamborghini Countach left disassembled for 13 years worth $250,000

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The right-hand-drive 1982 Countach LP5000S, die "poster car of the decade", will be sold to someone happy to put in the time or money to restore it to its former glory. The car is expected to be worth at least £370,0...

Attenzione! The Lamborghini Countach is coming back

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The Italian automaker has confirmed that it is building a new Countach in conjunction with the famed model's 50th anniversary. The wedge-shaped mid-engine coupe created the template for the modern supercar and introd...

769 hp Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae celebrates internal combustion before brand goes hybrid

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Lamborghini has unveiled the most-powerful naturally-aspirated car it will ever make before it transitions to becoming an all-plug-in-hybrid brand by 2024. (Lamborghini) The Aventador LP 780-4 Ultim...

Die Orlando Magic-ster Terrence Ross’ Lamborghini uit handelaar gesteel, verniel

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Die Orlando Magic-ster het op Instagram onthul dat sy $ 200,000-plus Lamborghini Urus is gesteel 1:00 am. Dinsdag van die handelaar waarheen hy dit gebring het om 'n pap band reg te kry. Terrence Ross 'L ...

YouTuber jumps Lamborghini over Lamborghini

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Terug in Januarie, YouTuber Michael Hyssong jumped his Ram 1500 TRX a little too high and far across a Pennsylvania stream, landed hard and wrecked the brand-new truck. Aside from the nearly two million views so far, ...