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NYC landlord giving renters credit up to $1000 for local shopping to help stimulate small businesses

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HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS: ROCKEFELLER TREE ARRIVES IN NYC "Vir die laaste jaar, I’m thinking about what I can do myself to help the city to make it better, to bring it back to where it was… and I think like you can always...

Immigrant landlord slams eviction moratorium for destroying small businesses

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JEN SIDOROVA: Jy weet, what I hear is that a lot of people just going out of business, exactly as you said, or maybe they're switching to the model that's more like a vacation rental, a short-term rental other than ...

Landlord tells ‘America’s Newsroomhe’s out $34,000, slams ‘crazyevictions moratorium

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"This is a huge problem. It actually is drowning myself as well as landlords," Michael Sullivan said on "America Newsroom." So there is a program that is set up so when the governor came in and tried to help all the ...

Landlord out $24,000 in rent due to eviction moratorium, says tenants buying boats

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Buddy Shoup, who owns 35 properties across the state, said that he has been forced to maintain the properties and hemorrhage costs while the federal government slowly dribbles out rental assistance, waarvan slegs 7% ...

Texas verhuurder aangekla vir die moord op 'n huurder in 'n 14-jaar koue saak

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Die voormalige verhuurder van 'n vrou wat sedertdien vermis is 2006 in Texas Woensdag aan die owerhede oorgegee nadat hy aangekla is vir haar moord, volgens die balju in Llano County. Jimmy Wolfenbarger, 57, van Lubboc ...