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Julia Roberts, George Clooney rom-com ‘Ticket to Paradise’ lands 2022 release date: verslag doen

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No – the actors aren’t reprising their roles as Danny and Tess Ocean for another heist flick, but fans of the pull-and-tug on-screen couple should get excited as Roberts and Clooney’s new rom-com, "Ticket to Paradise...

Ethiopian Airlines flight accidentally lands at the wrong airport

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An Ethiopian Airlines pilot probably had a whole lot of explaining to do after reportedly landing at the wrong airport. Op Sondag, Ethiopian Airlines Cargo flight ET3891 from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia touched down in Ndo...

The sacred lands of Utah’s Bears Ears brought 5 tribes together. An executive order is reviving effort to protect them

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A rocky corner in southern Utah has been the focal point of protests and political battles for years. A recent move by the Biden administration is giving Native tribes hope that a broken promise could be mended. Op ...

Biden expected to halt new oil and gas leases on federal lands and take other climate-related action

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President Joe Biden is expected to sign several executive actions related to climate on Wednesday, including issuing a moratorium on new oil and gas leases on federal lands, according to a person familiar with his p...

Biden to halt new oil and gas leases on federal lands Wednesday

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President Joe Biden is set to order a moratorium on new oil and gas leases on federal lands on Wednesday, according to a person familiar with his plans. The move is expected to be the most prominent in a series of c...

‘Cobra Kai’ skop die nostalgie op as Seisoen 3 land op Netflix

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Na 'n paar seisoene wat op YouTube se premium-vlak gestroom het, "Cobra Kai" is deur Netflix opgetel, waar daardie episodes 'n waarderende gehoor gevind het. Gaan die seisoen binne 3, wat die nostalgie-faktor in 'n vooraand opskop..

Latinx character lands DC Comics ‘Wonder Womanrole and new TV series

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The DC Comics universe is about to get even more diverse with a new Latinx character taking on the role of "Wonder Woman." Get ready to see the new hero on the small screen, ook. DC Comics unveiled Yara Flor as the...

Dan Levy lands a spot in People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue

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Dan Levy is officially sexy. Die "Schitt's Creek" star landed a spot in this year's People Sexiest Man Alive issue, telling the magazine "This form of sexy is a niche market." He also talks all things quarantine and...

Veterans and Gold Star families to get free access to national parks, wildlife refuges and other public lands

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Veterans and Gold Star families are getting a free pass to national parks, wildlife refuges and other federal lands managed by the Department of the Interior starting on Veterans Day. They will then have free access...

Walvis van 'n rit: Gebreekte moltreintrein beland op reuse-beeldhouwerk van seediere

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A subway train in the Netherlands was saved from a spectacular crash when it burst through buffers and landed on an artwork in the shape of a whale tail. Die trein "deurgeskiet op nader" to De Akkers station aro...

'N Vliegtuig met Pence land veilig op die lughawe in New Hampshire nadat hy 'n voël getref het, bron sê

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Washington Lugmag Twee -- die vliegtuig het visepresident Mike Pence gevlieg -- het Dinsdag veilig op 'n lughawe in New Hampshire geland nadat hy 'n voël in vlug getref het, het 'n bron aan CNN gesê. Die vliegtuig vlieg Pence terug t ...

'N Idaho-pastoor wat skepties is oor maskers, beland in die ICU vir Covid-19

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'N Pastoor in Idaho wat homself 'n "geen-maskers" tydens 'n diens en herhaaldelik bevraagteken word oor die waarheid van koronavirus-verslagdoening in die ICU nadat hy Covid-19 gekontrakteer het. Paul van noy, senior predikant by Cand ...

Hurricane Sally lands on the same spot as Alabama’s last hurricane 16 jare terug

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Hurricane Sally made landfall Wednesday morning, presies 16 years to the day and almost to the hour when Hurricane Ivan made landfall in 2004. More interestingly, they not only share a landfall date, but also the e...