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Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed wins election in landslide amid Tigray conflict and voting fraud concerns

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Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's ruling Prosperity Party (PP) overwhelmingly won general elections Saturday, meaning he will stay in power another term, according to CNN affiliate Nation Media Group. Abiy's par...

Zambia’s opposition leader wins landslide election as young people turnout in huge numbers

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Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema has won a landslide victory over incumbent Edgar Lungu in Zambia's presidential election, results showed on Monday. The electoral commission said Hichilema got 2,810,777 votes ag...

Why a Democratic landslide in November could crush the GOP for the next decade (or more)

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With independent political handicappers revising upwards the likelihood of Joe Biden winning the presidency and Democratic gains in the Senate and House in recent days, there is now a reasonable chance that we may b...

Search for landslide survivors continues days later in Norway

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Rescue teams in Norway are still hoping to find survivors more than five days after a deadly landslide hit the village of Ask, 30 kilómetros (19 millas) north of the capital Oslo, according to the country's police. "...

Deslizamiento de tierra en India mata 9; cantos rodados que caen destruyen el puente: informes

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Otros tres resultaron heridos en el incidente., que ocurrió en el estado Himalaya de Himachal Pradesh, Reuters informó. Se publicó en Twitter un video dramático del deslizamiento de tierra que mostraba grandes rocas cayendo a toda velocidad por un s ...

Nepal landslide killed at least 11 gente, 20 others remain missing

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A landslide in Nepal on Sunday killed at least 11 people and 20 others are still missing, according to the government. The landslide, caused by heavy rain in the Sindhupalchok District, also injured five people and ...

11 people missing after landslide strikes southern Norway, leaving large crater

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Ten people were injured, one of them critically, y 11 were classified as missing after a landslide in southern Norway swept away more than a dozen buildings in the early hours of Wednesday, la policía dijo. The landsl...