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NASA’s Juno mission captures first closeup images of Jupiter’s largest moon in a generation

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The largest moon in our solar system got its first close-up in more than 20 years on Monday. NASA's Juno mission took the images as it swung within 645 millas (1,038 kilómetros) of Ganymede's surface during a flyby,...

Los Angeles records largest drug bust in sheriff’s department history, Mexican cartel activity suspected

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Just north of L.A. in Antelope Valley, California, officials tracked down, identified and destroyed 70 a 80 outhouses filled with illegal marijuana plots in the open desert. The department brought in massive bulldoz...

Scientists confirm discovery of Australia’s largest dinosaur, two stories tall and a basketball court long

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A new species of dinosaur discovered in Australia has been confirmed as the largest ever found in the country, and one of the biggest in the world. The fossilized skeleton, nicknamed "cobre," was found in southwest...

Más que 150 earthquakes shook the California-Mexico border, with the largest registering 5.3

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Sobre 150 small earthquakes have been recorded Saturday in a rural area near the Salton Sea in Southern California, with the largest having a magnitude of 5.3, a US Geological Survey seismologist told CNN. "There hav...

US Air Force: WWII-era ordnance found in UK is largest haul on record

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The 48th Civil Engineering Squadron in April recovered a total of 370 .50-caliber rounds from a construction site at the Royal Air Force (RAF) Lakenheath station, where construction on a new airport was set to begin....

Apneista encuentra anillo de compromiso perdido en el fondo del lago más grande de Inglaterra

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Olvídate de encontrar una aguja en un pajar, ¿Qué tal encontrar un anillo de compromiso en el fondo del lago más grande de Inglaterra?? El apneista Angus Hosking respondió a la llamada cuando la pareja Rebecca Chaukria y Viki Patel perdieron su muerte..

Nation’s largest Confederate memorial to get new exhibit telling the ‘whole storyof Georgia’s Stone Mountain

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Atlanta A new exhibit that seeks to explain "the whole story" of the nation's largest Confederate monument, including the history of the Ku Klux Klan there, is coming to Georgia's Stone Mountain Park, the park's boar...

Queen Elizabeth visits UK’s largest warship, as it set sails for South China Sea

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Britain's Queen Elizabeth visited the country's new aircraft carrier on Saturday, before it leads a flotilla of Royal Navy ships to Asian waters on its maiden operational voyage. The 95-year-old monarch stepped aboa...

World’s largest iceberg breaks off Antarctic shelf

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The iceberg is named A-76 and is more than 40 times the size of Paris, larger than the state of Rhode Island and 73 times as big as Manhattan. MASSIVE ICEBERG ‒ LARGER THAN NEW YORK CITY ‒ BREAKS OFF IN ANTARCTICA A...

Largest container ship on East Coast docks in New Jersey

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The CMA CGM Marco Polo entered New York harbor on Thursday morning, passing beneath the Bayonne Bridge as dozens looked on. EGYPT'S FIRST FEMALE CAPTAIN FALSELY BLAMED FOR BLOCKING SUEZ CANAL In 2017, the Port Autho...

‘There’s no way I can pay for this:’ One of America’s largest hospital chains has been suing thousands of patients during the pandemic

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As the coronavirus spiked in Missouri last fall, a wave of cases hit a nursing home in the state's rural heartland. Robin Bull, a part-time nurse, remembered an ambulance "coming and going constantly" on one especia...

El sindicato de enfermeras más grande de EE. UU. Rompe las nuevas pautas de mascarillas de los CDC

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"Ahora no es el momento de relajar las medidas de protección., y estamos indignados de que los CDC hayan hecho precisamente eso mientras todavía estamos en medio de la pandemia más mortífera en un siglo.," dijo la enfermera titulada Bonnie Castillo, pag...

European prince killed largest bear in EU during hunting trip, environmentalists complain

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Prince Emanuel von und zu Liechtenstein, who resides in Austria, was granted a four-day hunting permit in March in Romania's Covasna County, according to hunting documents. En marzo 13 él "harvested" a 17-year-old br...

La mayor expansión de oportunidades de caza y pesca propuesta por EE. UU.. Servicio de Pesca y Vida Silvestre

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Los Estados Unidos. El Servicio de Pesca y Vida Silvestre anunció recientemente una propuesta que sería la mayor expansión de oportunidades de acceso a la caza y la pesca.. La medida es parte de los esfuerzos del Departamento del Interior para inc ...

Uno de los EE. UU.’ los bosques más grandes están en peligro: 'Tucker Carlson Originals’ expone estafa de energía verde en Maine

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En el episodio, "Estafas de energía verde: Maine," Carlson y su equipo se dirigen a Maine para investigar un complot corrupto de energía verde que amenaza con destruir el bosque más grande del este de Estados Unidos.. Un grupo de extranjeros ...

World’s largest firefighting plane grounded as the West braces for another destructive wildfire season

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Amid a drought in the West and warnings of another potentially destructive wildfire season ahead, the owners of the world's largest firefighting air tanker have grounded the massive aircraft, saying it's just not tu...