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‘Last Days of New York’ skrywer blameer de Blasio, liberale beleid vir stad se agteruitgang: ‘Dit is 'n somber prentjie’

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Praat verder "jakkals & Vriende" Maandag het hy De Blasio die skuld gegee vir die ondergang van die stad deur die vertelling van klas- en rasseverdeling aan te dryf. "Hy was aan die stuur van sake en hy het die verhaal van die verhaal van twee stede aangespoor..

Judge Jeanine: Fauci put ‘America lastby using media ‘deception tourto cover up COVID origin

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JUDGE JEANINE PIRRO: The big lie started almost as soon as the virus hit. It was a virus that simply jumped from animal to human. We now know Dr. Anthony Fauci, the alleged prince of all things COVID, knew of the whi...

Jim Jordan sounds off on Biden’s ‘America last’ beleid

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JIM JORDAN: It’s also an American strength agenda to project strength around the world and not this weakness that our enemies see. You talked about what took place in Anchorage two months ago where the treatment that...

‘American Idol’ star Arthur Gunn addresses his decision to leave show ‘last minute’ ahead of season finale

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The singer and guitar strummer took to Instagram on Monday to address why he skipped out on the "Idol" Seisoen 19 sendoff that would have seen Gunn perform alongside Sheryl Crow. "Wel, let's just say I missed my oppo...

John Oliver called out by 10-year-old Israeli girl over ‘war crimecomments made on ‘Last Week Tonight

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The little girl, whose name is Renana and lives on the Israeli side of the Gaza border, spoke in a video shared by the Israeli media outlet Walla on Twitter Wednesday. Daarin, she speaks directly to the 44-year-old co...

Biden is putting ‘America last’ by shutting down pipelines: Sy. Katoen

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SY. TOM KATOEN: Joe Biden is shutting down American pipelines like the Keystone XL pipeline, but he's helping construct pipelines for Russia. This is Putin's number one foreign policy priority so he can make Western...

'Laaste man wat staan’ stars Tim Allen, Nancy Travis reflect on series coming to an end

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After nine seasons on the air, the popular sitcom will air its final episode on Thursday, Mei 20. The show will see the truck owned by Allen's Mike Baxter go missing, so the family gathers to wish it farewell. The em...

‘Last Man Standing’ star Tim Allen on show drawing to a close: ‘I had health problems letting go of this one’

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"To be very honest, I had health problems letting go of this one," Allen, 67, told reporters during a virtual panel at FOX’s summer press tour on Thursday. "It’s just been three or four weeks and I’m literally just f...

Son of Sam murderer David Berkowitz’s ‘last victim’ revealed in chilling Netflix documentary

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New York City — on the verge of bankruptcy and reeling from a blackout and the reign of terror created by this murderous madman — breathed a sigh of relief: They got their guy. But the Son of Sam slayer — who shot an...

John Oliver praat oor moontlikheid van nog 'n pandemie tydens die seisoenpremière van 'Last Week Tonight’

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John Oliver het Sondag na TV teruggekeer na 'n winterpauze van "Verlede week vanaand." Dit was die eerste episode sedert sy laaste program, wat in November uitgesaai is, en hy het baie grond bedek, insluitende voormalige president Don ...

Merkel pleads with Germans to avoid a ‘last Christmas with the grandparents,’ as country smashes daily death record

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Berlin Germany was praised among European nations for its handling of the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. But on Tuesday it suffered its deadliest day yet and infection rates are still rising. So what's gone wro...