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Ingraham: Milley, Democrats will never suffer politically despite putting ‘country last

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The idea Milley may have had unsanctioned conversations with the Chinese military that ignored the chain of command – during which he also promised advanced warning for America's top international rival – should have...

Nelly says new ‘Heartlandalbum is a love letter to country music’s ‘last frontier

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The St. Louis rapper and "Real Husbands of Hollywood" actor, 46, who sharpened his irons in the realm of hip-hop and pop smashes, dipped his toes into country music way back in 2004. En el momento, he enlisted one of i...

Ron Perlman asks Joe Biden to escort ‘every lastAfghan to the airport to leave the country: ‘Save the day

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El martes, the 71-year-old actor took to Twitter to share a video message in which he directly addressed the president, who he called his "friend." "I've been tossing and turning all night giving this a great deal o...

Hannity: Biden’s ‘America Lastagenda putting more than just the US at risk

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Hannity said that every decision Biden has made has had tragic or dangerous consequences, from rescinding Donald Trump's border policies and letting in hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants unvetted and largely...

Clay Travis: Aaron Rodgers’ reunion With Cobb, Packers has ‘Last Dance’ written all over it

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For this reason, Clay read over the transcript from Aaron Rodgers’ time with the media after practicing with the Packers, and he thinks that, between the reunion with returning Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb and ...

Hailey Baldwin puts on leggy display in black dress with thigh-high slit: ‘Last night

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Baldwin wore a black velvet Alessandra Rich gown that featured two lace slits down her thighs while Bieber wore a Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello black-tie suit, according to Elle magazine. Bieber seemingly could...

Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams post cryptic ‘Last Dancephoto amid Packers drama

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Rodgers and Adams ominously both posted the same picture from "The Last Dance" to their Instagram stories. The iconic image shows Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen exchanging fistbumps in what would be their final se...

GOP combat vets flip Oklahoma city council seats: Defund police push was ‘last straw

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Newly-elected Councilmembers Kelly Lynn and Rarchar Tortorello joined "zorro & Amigos" Thursday to explain why they "stepped up to the plate" to fight for their city and stop big government "overreach." WASHINGTON...

‘Last Days of New Yorkauthor blames de Blasio, liberal policies for city’s decline: ‘It’s a grim picture

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Hablando en "zorro & Amigos" on Monday he blamed de Blasio for the city's downfall by pushing the narrative of class and racial division. "He’s been in charge and he pushed the narrative of the tale of two cities...

Juez Jeanine: Fauci put ‘America lastby using media ‘deception tourto cover up COVID origin

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JUDGE JEANINE PIRRO: The big lie started almost as soon as the virus hit. It was a virus that simply jumped from animal to human. We now know Dr. Anthony Fauci, the alleged prince of all things COVID, knew of the whi...

Jim Jordan sounds off on Biden’s ‘America last’ política

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JIM JORDAN: It’s also an American strength agenda to project strength around the world and not this weakness that our enemies see. You talked about what took place in Anchorage two months ago where the treatment that...

‘American Idol’ star Arthur Gunn addresses his decision to leave show ‘last minute’ ahead of season finale

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The singer and guitar strummer took to Instagram on Monday to address why he skipped out on the "Idol" Temporada 19 sendoff that would have seen Gunn perform alongside Sheryl Crow. "Bien, let's just say I missed my oppo...

John Oliver criticado por una niña israelí de 10 años por "crimen de guerra"’ comentarios hechos en "Last Week Tonight’

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La niña pequeña, cuyo nombre es Renana y vive en el lado israelí de la frontera de Gaza, habló en un video compartido por el medio de comunicación israelí Walla en Twitter el miércoles. En eso, ella habla directamente con el compañero de 44 años..

Biden está poniendo a 'Estados Unidos en último lugar' al cerrar oleoductos: Su. Algodón

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SU. ALGODÓN TOM: Joe Biden está cerrando oleoductos estadounidenses como el oleoducto Keystone XL, pero está ayudando a construir oleoductos para Rusia. Esta es la prioridad número uno en política exterior de Putin para que pueda convertirse en occidental ....

‘Last Man Standingstars Tim Allen, Nancy Travis reflect on series coming to an end

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After nine seasons on the air, the popular sitcom will air its final episode on Thursday, Mayo 20. The show will see the truck owned by Allen's Mike Baxter go missing, so the family gathers to wish it farewell. The em...

‘Last Man Standing’ star Tim Allen on show drawing to a close: ‘I had health problems letting go of this one’

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"To be very honest, I had health problems letting go of this one," Allen, 67, told reporters during a virtual panel at FOX’s summer press tour on Thursday. "It’s just been three or four weeks and I’m literally just f...

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