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A musician with a Latin country-rock band says he and a friend were beaten at a Tennessee bar for speaking Spanish

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A musician for a Latin country-rock band said that he and his friend were assaulted at a bar in Tennessee over the weekend after speaking Spanish. Lorenzo Molina, a trumpet player for The Mavericks, said through an...

Latin America’s past weighs on US Hispanic voters

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During a recent visit to Miami's Eighth Street, or Calle Ocho as locals call it, it wasn't hard to overhear older Cuban Americans talking politics at neighborhood haunts. Seated with friends at Café Versailles, an i...

Experts project increase in migrants at US-Mexico border as pandemic devastates Latin America

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Immigration experts are expecting an increase in the number of migrants journeying to the US-Mexico border in the coming months following the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Latin America. As coun...

Latin Grammys 2020: The winners list

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Natalia Lafourcade competed against the men and won. In the male-dominated Album of the Year category at Thursday's Latin Grammys, she bested the whole slate to snag the Grammy with her album, "Un Canto Por México, ...

How Russian vaccine Sputnik V spread through Latin America

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Russia is becoming a major provider of Covid-19 vaccines to Latin America, a move that could have long-standing consequences in shaping the post-pandemic world and further dent US prestige in the region. While Mosco...