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Matthew McConaughey can’t stop laughing as he reshares outtake from Zach Galifianakis‘Between Two Ferns

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los "True Detective" star posted the video from the Netflix film to his Instagram on Monday. It sees Galifianakis pepper McConaughey with a slew of questions while the two banter back and forth – and a blooper from t...

The laughing patterns of human infants match those of another species, a new study finds

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Laughter transcends all languages -- and now scientists know this spontaneous response is universal across some primate species, también. The laughing patterns of human infants match those of great apes, de acuerdo a un ...

Ingraham slams Biden’s decades-long career as an ‘unserious laughing stock

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"President Biden may sit in the Oval Office today, but it’s worth remembering that for most of his political career, he’s been an unserious laughing stock. Up until 2020, his own party never took him seriously as a p...

Ben Domenech: Otras naciones se ríen de EE. UU. Por abrazar la "religión del despertar"’ teoría crítica de la raza

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Domenech planteó dudas sobre el controvertido movimiento académico en "El gran show dominical," explicando que la teoría crítica de la raza atrae a una mayoría blanca, audiencia de izquierda, y que algunas minorías estaban preocupadas b ...

Reps. Devin Nunes: China’s ‘laughingat Biden admin over foreign policy

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REPS. DEVIN NUNES: The Biden administration seems to be going into the policy instead of, like Ronald Reagan used to say, 'peace through strength.' I think their policy is, 'speak loudly and carry a twig.' So you ask,...

A Latina councilmember’s discussion on Zoom about racial disparities was interrupted by people laughing about her accent

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The irony of it all is that the laughter came during a discussion about racial inequities. Nancy Navarro, a member of the Montgomery County Council in Maryland, was speaking during a virtual meeting on Tuesday about...