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Bob Saget’s pal Vanna White speaks out on ‘Full Houseactor’s death: ‘I’ll miss the laughs

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"Bob Saget and I were next-door neighbors before we found success. I will always remember the support and confidence we gave each other as we struggled to start our careers and was so happy that our friendship came f...

Die rolverdeling van 'The Great’ keer terug vir meer lag in Seisoen 2 van die (ietwat waar) historiese komedie

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Terwyl haar karakter aan "Die groot" is besig met 'n staatsgreep teen haar man vir beheer oor Rusland in die program se tweede seisoen, Elle Fanning het 'n paar interessante gedagtes oor wat dit alles beteken. "Ek dink die groot die...

‘Ghostbustersactor Dan Aykroyd believes hurtful comedy should be canceled: ‘It’s easy laughs

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Die "Ghostbusters" ster, 69, said hurtful comedy should be called out for its "hurtfulness." "There is enough range in humor where you don’t have to go scatological and you don’t have to go pulling any divisive cards...

'Die Addams -gesin 2’ slaan die pad op om meer lag te skrik

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Na sy lewendige aksiefilms in die 1990's, die Addams -gesin het 'n logiese vastrapplek in animasie gevind, met "Die Addams -gesin 2" genoeg skrik vir die terugkeer, met 'n mengsel van lae voorkop-humor vir kinders ...

Sy. Cotton rips Biden’s UN speech: A lot of the world ‘just laughsat his statements

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BIDEN TELLS UN HE'S NOT SEEKING NEW COLD WAR WITH CHINA SEN. TOM KATOEN: I think a lot of the world sees Joe Biden and just laughs at the statements he made yesterday. You just mentioned or played a clip there, he sa...

Mindy Kaling laughs off very awkward encounter with Stephen Colbert

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The actress was on hand to discuss the second season of her Netflix comedy "Never Have I Ever." Egter, it was a moment that happened before she took the stage at the Ed Sullivan Theater that had the host blushing. ...

‘Monsters at Workscares up enough laughs to get the job done

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"Monsters at Work" basically does for "Monsters, Inc." what Marvel's Disney+ series have done for its movies, creating a space to expand on situations and characters outside the confines of a major film. While not q...

‘Saturday Night Live’ musical guest Lil Nas X laughs off disastrous wardrobe malfunction on live TV

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The singer was on hand as the musical guest alongside celebrity host Anya Taylor-Joy. In the first of two musical performances of the night, Lil Nax X took to the stage to perform his controversial and steamy hit "Mo...

‘United States of Alhas good intentions, but not many laughs

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"United States of Al" has engendered advance debate over its depiction of an Afghan character, but the show plays less as offensive than dated and uninspired, built on ancient fish-out-of-water sitcom conventions. A ...