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Fast flowing lava from Spain’s La Palma volcano continues to wreak havoc more than 2 months on

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New lava tubes from the Cumbre Vieja volcano on Spain's La Palma island have sent molten lava flowing downhill at speeds of up to 1 metro (3 pies) per second since Monday, according to the Canary Islands Volcanology...

Hundreds more flee as lava spreads on Spain’s La Palma

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Alrededor 300 more people fled their homes early on Thursday as flows of molten rock pouring from the Cumbre Vieja volcano threatened to engulf another area on the Spanish island of La Palma. Emergency crews gave peopl...

Lava from La Palma volcano sparks cement factory fire, emprendedor 2,500 people into lockdown

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Madrid Lava flowing from the Cumbre Vieja volcano on Spain's La Palma island sparked a fire at a cement factory Monday, leading to at least 2,500 residents to be ordered into lockdown to protect their health, a local...

A Hawaii volcano that recently erupted for five months has started spewing lava again

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Hawaii's Kilauea volcano began erupting Wednesday afternoon for the first time since May, spewing lava at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Officials note that while there is no present danger to nearby residents on H...

Las autoridades bloquean la zona costera de la Palma cuando la lava se acerca al mar

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La Palma, Las autoridades de emergencia ordenaron el lunes a las personas en un área en la costa este de la isla de La Palma que se encierren cuando la lava que brota del volcán Cumbre Vieja se acerca al mar.. los 1,250 Cels ...

Canaries volcano blasts lava into the air as ash blankets area

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La Palma, SpainThe Cumbre Vieja volcano on the Canary Island of La Palma shot lava into the air in loud bursts on Thursday morning while toxic ash blanketed the surrounding area. For a fifth day, lava flowing down th...

Lava gushes from Spanish volcano, forcing more evacuations

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La Palma, SpainLava gushing from the Canary Islands' first volcanic eruption on land in 50 years has forced authorities to evacuate another part of El Paso municipality on the Spanish island of La Palma and to urge s...

This lava planet has ‘rockyweather and winds many times the speed of sound

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If you thought life on Earth during a pandemic was tough, imagine living on a lava planet, thrashed by violent weather, with rocks literally raining down and the wind howling at thousands of miles per hour. That's t...