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Arkansas lawmaker leaves GOP, saying party has become ‘about one man and a personality

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An Arkansas state lawmaker who is the nephew of Gov. Asa Hutchinson and was expected to run for governor next year said he is leaving the Republican Party. Staats Sen.. Jim Hendren, in a nine-minute video, cited form...

New York lawmaker recounts threatening phone call from Cuomo, says gov asked ‘if I were an honorable man

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close Video NY lawmaker claims Cuomo covered up COVID data for financial interests Democrat Assemblyman Ron Kim explains how governor allowed top donors to dictate coronavirus policy on 'The Story' New York Gov...

Cuomo het 'sy mag misbruik', ‘Niemand is verbaas nie’ deur beweerde dreigemente teen die wetgewer: Rep. Malliotakis

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maak Video Malliotakis toe: Cuomo het sy mag misbruik, 'Niemand is verbaas nie' deur bewerings dat hy die wetgewers Rep. Nicole Malliotakis reageer op bewerings van verskillende Demokrate dat Cuomo hulle bedreig het o ...

Alec Baldwin says Cuomo ‘should resignif he threatened Dem. lawmaker Ron Kim

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sluit Video Fox News Flash-vermaakopskrifte vir Februarie 18 Fox News Flash se topvermaak en beroemdheidsopskrifte is hier. Kyk wat kliek vandag in die vermaak. Alec Baldwin is weighi...

“Mr. Kim is lying”: Cuomo aide says state Democratic lawmaker made up threat by governor to “destroy” him

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close Video CNN offering 'convenient' excuse for Chris Cuomo conflict of interest: Kurtz CNN is facing criticism for their reluctance to address Democrat scandals including Gov. Andrew Cuomo's handling of New Yor...

New York Dem wetgewer besluit Cuomo se 'egregious’ verpleeginrigting toesmeerdery, vra vir 'deeglike ondersoek’

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sluit Video New York-wetgewers voel 'morele verpligting' om hom teen Cuomo-demokratiese Ron Kim uit te spreek, verklaar die goewerneur se 'gruwelike optrede' oor 'The Story', reageer op nuuskonferensie A New York Democratic lawm ...

Unmuted lawmaker calls colleague vulgar name during hearing

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sluit Video Fox News Flits die hoofopskrifte vir Februarie 11 Kyk wat kliek . CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — A New Hampshire state senator unaware he was unmuted during a remote hearing Wednesday called a female ...

Māori lawmaker ejected from New Zealand parliament for refusing to wear a ‘colonial noose

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Wellington, New ZealandA New Zealand Māori leader who was ejected from parliament this week for refusing to wear a necktie in the chamber said forcing him to a Western dress code was a breach of his rights and an att...

Missouri state lawmaker charged with selling fake stem cell treatments and claiming they are a cure for Covid-19

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A newly elected Missouri state representative and assistant physician faces charges for allegedly running a fraud scheme in her three clinics and providing prescription drugs illegally, according to federal prosecut...

Die wetgewer van Oklahoma stel 'n wetsontwerp voor wat die skepping van 'n Bigfoot-jagseisoen opstel

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Bigfoot kan beskou word as 'n mite -- maar dit verhinder nie dat 'n wetgewer in Oklahoma 'n oop seisoen op die wese voorstel nie. Rep. Justin Humphrey het die wetsontwerp vroeër aan die Oklahoma-wetgewer voorgestel..

Ohio lawmaker who asked racist question about Black hygiene tapped to lead state health panel

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Washington A GOP Ohio lawmaker who asked a racist question last year about whether "the colored population" was contracting Covid-19 at higher rates because of poor hygiene has been tapped to lead the state Senate's ...

Rep. Boebert ontplof 'ongegrond’ voorstel deur Dem-wetgewer dat sy verkenningstoer deur Capitol sou lei

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maak Video Rep. Boebert beweer onlusttoere voor die Capitool was slegs vir familie Fox Chong Pergram, 'n korrespondent van die Kongres, praat met die Republikeinse eerstejaarstudent oor 'Fox News @ Night' Rep.. Lauren Boebert, R-C ...

Demokratiese wetgewer stap terug met die voorstel dat die nasionale wag 'n bedreiging vir die inhuldiging van Biden is

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sluit video se topopskrifte vir Januarie 19 Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., walked back his criticism of the National Guard on Tuesday, one day after he remarked that Trump supporters within the military reservist b...

Die veteraan van die leër roep Dem-wetgewer aan vir 'belaglike' opmerking oor troepe wat Biden bedreig

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sluit Video National Guard troepe wat 'n bedreiging vir Biden is, is 'absoluut belaglik': Demokraat Rep. Jeremy Hunt. Steve Cohen bevraagteken die lojaliteit van die National Guard-troepe wat na Washington ontplooi is, D.C. vir die i ...

Freshman Republican lawmaker describes her first 100 hours in Congress as ‘hellafter riot, beskuldiging

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maak Video Rep. Nancy Mace: My eerste 100 hours in Congress 'were hell' Freshman South Carolina Republican reflects on riot, election certification, impeachment on 'The Story' Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C., described...

Republican lawmaker touts his ‘majority-minority’ kantoor, says it ‘represents the new age of the GOP’

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close Video Byron Donalds headed to Congress as part of 'Freedom Force' to fight Democrats' agenda Florida Rep.-elect Byron Donalds explains his plans to push forward a conservative agenda of low taxes and low re...

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