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Texas GOP-wetgewer bots met CNN-anker oor kritieke rasteorie, slams netwerk se 'skuins uitsig’

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Republikeinse Rep. Steve Toth, wat wetgewing geskrywe het wat sou beperk dat CRT nie in openbare skole onderrig kan word nie, het Dinsdag op CNN verskyn en is gevra "waarom is dit 'n prioriteit?" vir hom oor ander kwessies wat Texas studeer..

Tennessee lawmaker becomes latest House Democrat not to seek reelection

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Demokratiese Rep. Jim Cooper of Tennessee announced Tuesday that he will not run for reelection, becoming the latest House Democrat to head for the exits as the party faces an uphill battle to retain control of the ch...

MSNBC host slams ‘idiotGOP lawmaker for committee questions on late-term abortion

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Guest host Katie Phang discussed Wednesday's hearing and about the future of abortion rights following the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion. Johnson, in die besonder, asked witness Dr. Yashica Robinson about her posi...

Māori-wetgewer het die Nieu-Seelandse parlement uitgesit omdat hy geweier het om 'n 'koloniale strop te dra’

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Wellington, Nieu-Seeland 'n Nieu-Seelandse Maori-leier wat vandeesweek uit die parlement uitgesit is omdat hy geweier het om 'n stropdas in die kamer te dra, het gesê dat hy hom tot 'n Westerse kleredrag gedwing het, en dat dit 'n oortreding van sy regte was..

Audit push by Pennsylvania GOP lawmaker hits roadblock as counties decline to hand over election materials

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A Pennsylvania Republican's effort to launch a ballot audit of the 2020 results in the Keystone State has hit a roadblock after three counties declined to hand over their election materials and voting machines. Earl...

Republican lawmaker calls out Biden administration for turning intelligence agencies on US citizens

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"[Intelligence agencies were] nooit nie, ever intended to look at U.S. persons until this [Biden] administration comes along and says, jy weet, those other threats are important, but the real threat we're worried about ...

Democratic politicians want Supreme Court justices to be ‘intimidatedby overturning Roe v Wade: GOP lawmaker

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CLAUDIA TENNEY: My concern is that [Demokrate] sê, "O, ja, wel, we wanted more in the bill [protecting Supreme Court justices]. That's why we didn't vote for it. Add an amendment or provide another bill that wou...

Idaho lawmaker accused of rape resigns after ethics ruling

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The investigation into Rep. Aaron von Ehlinger began in March after a young staffer reported he raped her in his apartment after the two had dinner at a Boise restaurant. Von Ehlinger has denied all wrongdoing and ma...

Chicago neighborhoods being overlooked for violence prevention funds for having ‘too much wealth’: wetgewer

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Rep. Jaime Andrade, a Democrat representing the 40th District, took to Twitter earlier this week to highlight violent conditions in an area he compared to the "Wild Wild West": Chicago’s Albany Park neighborhood, whe...

GOP lawmaker slams ‘Lord Faucifor insinuating he has higher power than the legal system

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LEE ZELDIN: Lord Fauci thinking that he has higher power than the legal system, our constitution, our laws. Very slippery slope – where in the name of a public health emergency, this type of an awesome power that he ...

Huis van Verteenwoordigers in Oregon sit wetgewer uit nadat video wys hoe hy verskyn om aan betogers te vertel hoe die staat Capitol oortree moet word

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Die staatsverteenwoordiger van Oregon wat teëspoed in die gesig gestaar het nadat 'n video van hom verskyn het om protesteerders te vertel hoe om toegang tot die geslote staat Capitol te kry, is uit die Oregon House of Representatives geskors ....

NY state lawmaker proposes referendum to block noncitizens from casting ballots

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A state constitutional referendum is being proposed to block noncitizens from casting ballots in New York state. "I don't believe that foreign nationals should be voting in our elections," says the bill's sponsor, Gebore ...

Severed head of missing Nigerian lawmaker found in park, sê die polisie

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NigeriaPolice in Nigeria have discovered the severed head of a state legislator who went missing last week in the southeastern state of Anambra, where the government accuses separatists of carrying out a spate of kil...

Arkansas lawmaker leaves GOP, saying party has become ‘about one man and a personality

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An Arkansas state lawmaker who is the nephew of Gov. Asa Hutchinson and was expected to run for governor next year said he is leaving the Republican Party. Staats Sen.. Jim Hendren, in a nine-minute video, cited form...

GOP lawmaker questions Dem inaction on COVID lab-leak theory: ‘Do the Democrats know something we don’t?

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"Republicans in the subcommittee on COVID are going to continue to work with the Foreign Affairs committee to expose what we can find that make the connection that this is a leak from the lab and China is responsible...

GOP lawmaker blasts Biden’s ‘soft powerdiplomatic approach to Russian aggression

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MIKE GALLAGHER: We had a hearing with the European Command commander this week, and it was unsatisfying. The administration could not provide coherent answers on why we have yet to figure out how to take the Slovakia...

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