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New Jersey Republican lawmakers defy COVID-19 vaccine mandate

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時間後, a state appellate court handed a victory to Republicans who had sued to block the proof-of-vaccination requirement, granting the GOP’s application for a stay of the order and setting a potential hearing ...

NJ GOP lawmakers defy new statehouse COVID vaccine mandate, refuse to leave floor

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"We're standing up for people who haven't gotten or can't get the vaccine and those who have natural immunity," Republican Assemblyman Jay Webber, one of the lawmakers who refused to comply with the new rules, told F...


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"ミシシッピ州は、これらが州レベルで決定されることを確実にするために、確かに勇気ある戦いを主導してきました, この種のことは選出された役人によって決定されること, 最高裁判所ではありません," ...

Taiwan’s leader meets with Mace, Slotkin other US lawmakers in defiance of China

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"When News broke of our visit to Taiwan, China’s embassy demanded we cancel the trip (we didn’t)," Mace wrote on Twitter about the meeting with Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen. "We’ve had a productive and meaningful ...


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ワシントンのジョー・バイデン大統領は、日曜日の夜、ウィスコンシン州のホリデーパレードでの致命的な事件について説明を受けました。 20 人, 子供を含む, 車両に襲われた, ホワイトハウスの関係者は言った。.

GOP lawmakers push bill expanding family leave, child tax credit to cover miscarriages, stillbirths

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その. トム・コットン, R-アーク。, および担当者. Ashley Hinson, R-アイオワ, introduced the HEALING Mothers and Fathers Act as an amendment to the 1993 Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) by adding "spontaneous loss of an unborn child" ...

ペンシルベニア州議会議員は、逃亡中の当局を徒歩で犯罪とする法案を可決します, ACLUは反対します

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上院法案 814 また、追跡中に警察犬が危害を加えられたり殺されたりした場合も犯罪になります. 立法は州議会を通過しました 36-14 火曜日に投票する, すべての共和党員と7人の共和党員と 21 支持する民主党員 ...


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ハウゲン氏は、有害なオンラインコンテンツを取り締まるために英国政府の法案を精査する議会委員会の前に出頭する予定です。, 彼女のコメントは、議員が新しい規則を強化するのに役立つ可能性があります. S.。.

Lawmakers puzzled that Biden is yet to name nominee for senior military job

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Washington Senators are concerned that President Joe Biden has not named a nominee for one of the most senior positions at the Pentagon, with the job becoming vacant at the end of November. Biden has yet to name a ...

共和党議員は「違憲」と警告している’ バイデン庇護規則は国境での移民の急増を助長する

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"提案された規則は、議会で可決された法律の露骨な違反を表しています," 68 Sensが率いる議会共和党員. ロン・ジョンソン, R-Wis。, マイク・リー, R-ユタと担当者. アンディビッグス, R-アリゾナ。, パブリックコメントで言う。.

Texas lawmakers pass new congressional maps bolstering GOP

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GOP Gov. Greg Abbott is expected to sign off on the changes. Civil rights groups sued before Republican lawmakers were even done Monday. "Texas is using all the means at its disposal to prevent the inevitable change ...


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モスクワロシアは過去に記録的な数のCovid-19の症例と死亡を報告しました 24 時間, 国のコロナウイルス応答センターからのデータは土曜日を示しました. 過去には 24 時間, 1,002 人々はCovで亡くなりました。.

ABC, CBS, NBC evening newscasts offer ‘lopsidedcoverage of Dems, GOP lawmakers amid spending battle: 調査

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Examining 30 stories that aired from Sept. 23 to Oct. 10, Democrats trounced Republicans in terms of the number of soundbites by a 115-16 count margin, according to analysis by the Media Research Center. "はい, viewe...

British lawmakers face risks when working face-to-face with voters

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A British lawmaker in Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservative Party was stabbed to death by a man who walked into a meeting with voters from his electoral district, 警察は言った. Attacks on individual lawmakers in...

UK lawmakers slam government’s ‘reactiveearly Covid response in new report

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London The British government failed to act quickly enough in its initial Covid-19 response, enabling the virus to spread rapidly through communities and resulting in thousands of deaths, lawmakers said in a damning ...

North Carolina lawmakers call for lieutenant governor’s resignation after video surfaces of him calling homosexuality ‘filth

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ワシントン, DC Some North Carolina state senators are calling for the resignation of North Carolina Lt. 政府. Mark Robinson, after video surfaced on social media this week in which the Republican says that "there's no...

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