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Katie Couric cheers on Trump’s impeachment, says GOP lawmakers need to be ‘deprogrammed

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关闭Video Gutfeld: Why did Katie Couric come clean? Because she was caught Katie Couric appears to have gone far beyond her days as a straight news journalist and taken a sharp turn to the left. On Friday n...

泰格的赫格斯质疑共和党议员对民主的承诺: ‘党际关系是 … 蒙蔽他’

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关闭视频皮特·赫格斯(Pete Hegseth)说,杰克·塔珀(Jake Tapper)因质疑桅杆的爱国主义“福克斯”而被党派蒙蔽了双眼。 &安培; Friends Weekend的主持人Pete Hegseth撕裂CNN主持人Jake Tapper质疑Rep. 布莱恩·马斯特.

Here’s why experts and lawmakers say you can’t compare Black Lives Matter protesters to the US Capitol mob

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Hours before President Donald Trump was impeached on Wednesday for his role in inciting last week's deadly attack, lawmakers described the rioters as White supremacists. "Let us be clear, this was a domestic terror ...

共和党议员对自己的生活感到害怕’ 弹Trump特朗普, 房屋署说

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关闭视频新的金属探测器激怒众议院共和党代表. 奇普罗伊, 德州, 反对在房屋地板的门上安装金属探测器. 的 "多数" 的共和党议员担心他们会加入。.

国会暴动: 我们越过了Rubicon, 立法者互不信任

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关闭Video Fox News Flash一月份的头条新闻 12 Fox News Flash头条新闻在这里. 看看在Foxnews.com上点击了什么. 选择你的毒药. 如果您在美国工作. 国会大厦, 你会很好...

华盛顿邮报: Secret Service officer placed under investigation after accusing lawmakers of treason on social media

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A US Secret Service officer is under investigation after accusing lawmakers of treason and sharing conspiracy theories about the election on social media, according to The Washington Post who obtained images of the ...

国会简要介绍了立法者和国会大厦面临的新威胁, 羔羊说

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国会的华盛顿成员听取了周一晚了一系列新的威胁对国会议员和美国国会大厦前进当选总统拜登宣誓就职的, 代表. 康纳·兰姆(Conor Lamb)周二在CNN上说. 布里...

House Democrat blames Covid diagnosis on lawmakers who didn’t wear masks while sheltering

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代表. Bonnie Watson Coleman, a New Jersey Democrat, said Monday that she has tested positive for Covid-19, and she blamed fellow members of Congress who sheltered in place without masks during the violent attack on t...

佩洛西说议员们将继续弹imp, 称特朗普为迫在眉睫的威胁’ ‘我们的民主’

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关闭视频代表. 盖茨: 特朗普弹each将是不必要的, 分裂代表. 马特·盖兹 (R-Fla。) 加入“福克斯报告”讨论德姆斯弹Trump特朗普的任务, 国会大厦遭受暴力袭击后谴责共和党议员 ...

Clyburn says Trump impeachment vote ‘will happen this week’ 如 195 lawmakers cosponsor articles

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close Video House vote on Trump impeachment ‘will happen this week’: 代表. Clyburn House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, D-S.C。, argues President Trump is ‘unqualified to be president’ in the wake of the Capitol riot. ...

特朗普支持者, lawmakers react to Twitter ban

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close Video Twitter bans Trump, shutting down president's 'most powerful tool' The 'Special Report' All-Star panel discuss new restrictions by Twitter and Apple After Twitter took the extraordinary step of bann...

US attorney: FBI agents search Tennessee lawmakersoffices and homes

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关闭Video Fox News Flash一月份的头条新闻 8 Fox News Flash头条新闻在这里. 看看在Foxnews.com上点击了什么. FBI agents searched the offices and homes of several Republican Tennessee ...

立法者, aides and others sheltering inside Capitol describe chaos

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关闭视频报: 以来最严重的违反政府机构 1814 Fox News congressional correspondent has the latest on Capitol incursion on 'Bill Hemmer Reports' Security officials rushed Vice...

小特朗普. 威胁要对拒绝质疑选举学院成绩的议员进行竞选

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关闭视频给那些可能正在投票的共和党人, “你可以成为英雄,也可以成为零”: 小唐纳德·特朗普. 小唐纳德·特朗普. 在“拯救美国”集会上向人群讲话. 在星期三的讲话 "拯救美国集会" 出来...

Pelosi reminds lawmakers about social distancing, mask requirements after Day 1 controversies

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close Video House abandons COVID protocols during Pelosi reading oath House speaker reelect reads Congressional oath to large grouping of lawmakers. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reminded her congressional colleag...

House lawmakers override Trump’s defense bill veto

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close Video Trump vetoes NDAA as COVID relief bill hits stalemate Reaction from Lisa Boothe, Jason Riley and Charles Lane on the 'Special Report' All-Star Panel The House of Representatives on Monday voted to o...

‘908联盟’ 两党的, 两院制立法者告诉特朗普'签署救济方案或立即否决’

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关闭视频普查: 11.3 一百万个家庭被拖欠租金Kairos首席执行官Ankur Jain讨论了由两党和两院制法律专家组成的“美国新闻总部”大流行所带来的经济困难。.

Gabbard calls on young, healthy lawmakers to refuse COVID-19 vaccine until elderly, front-line workers get it

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close Video Gabbard: COVID relief bill 'slap in the face to the American people' Former Democratic presidential candidate calls legislation an 'absolute insult' on 'The Story' Rep. 塔尔西·加巴德, 夏威夷, urge...

这些立法者在医护人员之前拒绝使用COVID-19疫苗, 老年人得到它

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关闭视频奥马尔在前线工人民主党代表面前掩盖了“小队”成员AOC获得COVID-19疫苗的阴影. 伊尔汗·奥马尔(Ilhan Omar)抨击包括众议员在内的议员. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez获得冠状病毒疫苗.

Republican lawmakers who downplayed coronavirus concerns face backlash over early vaccinations

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A slate of GOP lawmakers who downplayed different concerns about the coronavirus pandemic or ignored public health advice are now facing a wave of backlash for being among the first to receive a vaccine. With only ...

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