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Los defensores temen que las leyes de aborto de Texas y Mississippi empeoren la crisis de salud materna negra

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Briana McLennan fue 19 años y al menos ocho semanas de embarazo cuando tuvo que tomar una decisión difícil: abortar y continuar con sus planes de mudarse a Atlanta para la universidad, o quédese en casa en Texas y figur ...

Poland ignites EU anger with ruling that its laws supersede bloc’s treaties

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A ruling by Poland's highest court that European Union rules are subordinate to Polish law is an "ataque" against the 27-member bloc, France's European Affairs Minister Clement Beaune said on Friday. "It's very serio...

Border cities to sue Biden for ‘failure to enforce the laws

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"We’ve talked about immigration reform for as long as I can remember. Both parties have had control of Washington at one point or another over the last 20 años, and we have failed to do anything about it other than ...

Texas Right to Life recibe un aluvión de amenazas y mensajes inquietantes después de la aprobación de la ley del aborto

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"Nos tomamos muy en serio este tipo de amenazas," El jefe de policía de Bellaire, Onesimo López, dijo a Fox News el domingo. "Nuestra División de Investigaciones Criminales está llevando a cabo una investigación sobre las amenazas y hará un seguimiento..

Texans fear the dire consequences of new laws targeting people of color

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San Antonio, Texas An abortion fund that helps hundreds of women in the southernmost region of Texas each year has stopped answering its hotline after one of the strictest bans in the nation went into effect this wee...

Tucker Carlson: Rochelle Walensky now makes the laws, and she’s taking your private property

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The CDC gathers information about diseases and then releases guidance about those diseases to the country. The CDC does not make laws in this country. It’s not allowed to. Under the U.S. Constitución, making laws is ...

'El cinco’ slams Obama, Bowser for snubbing COVID orders: ‘Laws are for the law-abiding

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Host Greg Gutfeld noted how Washington, CORRIENTE CONTINUA. Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser came under fire over the weekend for appearing to violate her own mask mandate while attending a wedding reception. Photographs circulated b...

Eighteen states have enacted new laws that make it harder to vote

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Eighteen states have enacted 30 new laws that make it harder to vote, according to a new tally by the liberal-leaning Brennan Center for Justice that tracks state activity through July 14. Among the most common prov...

Personal threats, election lies and punishing new laws rattle election officials, raising fears of a mass exodus

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Maribeth Witzel-Behl had run elections in Madison, Wisconsin, por 15 years when the 2020 election arrived, bringing challenges like no other: a global pandemic, a crushing workload, lawsuits and a recount. Then the ...

Arizona AG slams Biden’s ‘shamefuland inaccurate rhetoric on GOP election laws

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MCCONNELL CONDEMNS BIDEN FURY OVER GOP VOTING REFORM AS 'UTTER NONSENSE' MARK BRNOVICH: I just think it’s quite frankly shameful that the president of the United States would use such divisive rhetoric. And not only ...

Hannity slams Biden’s ‘extremely troubling’ retórica sobre leyes electorales

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"If you are one of millions of Americans who disagree with the radical policies put forward by the Democratic Party, watch out, because Joe Biden, bien, he referred his political opponents, today referred to them as ...

Gobernador de Texas. Abbott slams feds for ‘complete abandonmentof border laws amid ‘unprecedented’ oleada de migrantes

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"The bottom line is that, because of the current administration’s complete abandonment of enforcing the laws passed by the United States Congress concerning immigration, there is an unprecedented increase of people c...

Spain says non-consensual sex is rape, toughens sexual violence laws

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Madrid, SpainThe Spanish government approved a law on Tuesday to define all non-consensual sex as rape, part of a legislative overhaul that toughens penalties for sexual harassment and mandates more support systems f...

Death of 84-year-old activist in prison turns spotlight on India’s anti-terrorism laws

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New Delhi The death in India of an octogenarian human rights activist who was denied bail even as his health deteriorated in prison has sparked anger across the country, with critics decrying the government's alleged...

Massachusetts police in standoff with armed group that ‘does not recognize our laws

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During a traffic stop early Saturday morning, approximately eight men carrying rifles and handguns fled into the nearby woods off Route 95/128. Police say the men claim to be from a group that "does not recognize our...

'Reporte especial’ All-Star panel on Biden’s infrastructure bill, state voting laws

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(COMENZAR EL VIDEO CLIP) BAIER: If the reconciliation bill they are envisioning on the progressive side is $ 4 trillion to $ 6 trillón, you're not going with that? SU. JOE MANCHIN, (D-WV): I don't think I could ever g...

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