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Judge rules against Brooklyn Diocese in Covid-19 lawsuit

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An Eastern District of New York judge has denied a motion by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn seeking a preliminary injunction to reopen dozens of churches across New York City's Queens and Brooklyn boroughs. ...

Mother of 7-year-old with autism files lawsuit after resource officer handcuffed her son at school

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The mother of a North Carolina boy with autism has filed a lawsuit after a school resource officer handcuffed and held her 7-year-old son on the ground during a 2018 incident at an alternative school in Statesville....

Supreme Court won’t revive Democratic-led lawsuit over payments to Trump

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The Supreme Court won't revive a lawsuit by Democratic members of Congress who argued that President Donald Trump has been violating the Foreign Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, which bans foreign payments to ...

Federal appeals court gives border wall spending lawsuit another chance

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A federal appeals court on Friday reversed course in the border wall lawsuit, delivering a potential win to House Democrats who sued over President Donald Trump's transfer of Defense Department funds to construct th...

Trump administration plans to appeal second census lawsuit to Supreme Court

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The Trump administration said Wednesday that it plans to take a second fight over citizenship and the 2020 census to the Supreme Court. The challenge is to the injunction issued last week blocking the Commerce Depar...

‘Cheerstar Jerry Harris accused of child sexual exploitation in new lawsuit

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Jeremiah "Jerry" Harris, one of the students featured in Netflix's breakout docuseries "Cheer," is being accused of child sexual exploitation and abuse, according to a lawsuit filed this week by attorneys representi...

Justice Department wants to defend Trump in E. Jean Carroll defamation lawsuit

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The US Justice Department, in an extraordinary move on Tuesday, asked to take over the defense of President Donald Trump in a defamation lawsuit filed against him by E. Jean Carroll, a woman who has accused Trump of...

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