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Supreme Court abortion case: Justices grill lawyers on precedent, fetal viability, constitutional rights

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Die geval, Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health, centers on the law, which bans most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy, much sooner than the current legal standard, which prohibits abortion bans prior to fetal viabilit...

Vanessa Bryant lawsuit over Kobe Bryant crash photos should be dismissed, LA County lawyers say

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The crash that killed NBA legend Kobe Bryant and eight others was an "horrific accident," but the county did not cause it and Vanessa Bryant's lawsuit claiming photos taken at the crash scene were leaked should be d...

Trump’s lawyers defend his ability to assert executive privilege ahead of key court hearing

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Donald Trump's lawyers are defending his ability to assert executive privilege, even as an ex-President, in a reply brief in his lawsuit against the National Archives and the House select committee over January 6-re...

Prins Andrew se prokureurs vra dat seksuele misbruik regsgeding gegooi word, hy ontken bewerings

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In dokumente wat in die federale hof van Manhattan ingedien is, 'n prokureur vir Andrew het gesê die eiser, Virginia Giuffre, kan moontlik 'n slagoffer wees van seksuele misbruik in die hande van die finansierder Jeffrey Epstein. "Egter, en sonder afname...

Tori Spelling het 'n oproep buite die kantoor van 'n prokureur gemaak te midde van 'bates',’ 'Bewaring’ praatjies

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Die 48-jarige aktrise-wat 'n sakagtige swart baadjie gedra het, bypassende swart broek, juweliersware en groot swart sonbrille vir die uitstappie Maandag in Los Angeles - is ook gesien met 'n notaboek met 'n lys 3 nm. ontmoeting met ...

Brooklyn-prokureurs pleit skuldig op 'n aanklag in 'n Molotov-skemerkelkiesaak wat verband hou met George Floyd-protes

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Twee prokureurs wat volgens federale aanklaers verlede jaar tydens 'n teen-polisie-brutaliteitsbetoging deelgeneem het aan die maak van 'n Molotov-skemerkelkie en dit na 'n leë voertuig van die New York-polisiedepartement gegooi het, het elk skuld beken..

FEC won’t take action against RNC for its spending on Trump’s Russia probe lawyers

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The Federal Election Commission won't take action against the Republican National Committee for how it paid for the lawyers who represented then-President Donald Trump and his son, Donald Trump Jr., in the various R...

Murder defendant shot dead in Indian courtroom by gunmen dressed as lawyers

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New Delhi A defendant standing trial for murder has been killed by two men, believed to be members of a rival gang, who shot him in a New Delhi courtroom. Two gunmen dressed as lawyers opened fire on Friday afternoo...

Trump-era CBP targeted US citizens, including journalists and lawyers, amid caravan concerns, watchdog finds

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Customs and Border Protection targeted US citizens, including journalists and attorneys, during the Trump administration as it monitored migrant caravans traveling through Mexico, according to a new Department of Ho...

Sons of Alex Murdaugh’s dead housekeeper ‘scared,’ ‘shell-shocked,’ after SC lawyer’s release to drug rehab

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The Murdaugh family’s prosecutorial influence in South Carolina’s Low Country stretches back three generations and at least 111 jare. Because of that, it’s taken courage for the sons of Gloria Satterfield to come fo...

Former lawyers for illegal immigrant in Kate Steinle murder case ask Biden for his release

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Jose Inez Garcia-Zarate still faces federal charges in the death of Kate Steinle, who died on July 1, 2015 after she was struck by a bullet that ricocheted off the pavement while walking with her father on Pier 45 of...

Murdaugh dubbele moorde: 2019 boat crash survivor feared crossing family of lawyers

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Then state investigators reopened the case earlier this year after they found new information while looking into a double homicide that left a mother and son dead. Now court documents have revealed Smith’s death appe...

As Pentagon prepares to make Covid-19 vaccine mandatory, some lawyers see a surge in calls

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The messages began pouring into the law office of Joseph Jordan in Killeen, Texas, soon after the Pentagon announced it would seek to make the Covid-19 vaccines mandatory for troops. Service members wanted to know w...

Cuomo lawyers blast AG report, saying evidence was left out: ‘Doesn’t pass muster

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"There has been no open-minded fact finding here," Rita Glavin, one of the attorneys representing Cuomo, said on a Friday afternoon Zoom call with the media. "This investigation was conducted in a manner to support a...

Lawyers for landlords ask federal court to block new eviction moratorium

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Lawyers for a group of landlords and real estate companies asked a federal judge in Washington late Wednesday to put on hold the Biden administration's new eviction moratorium that prohibits landlords from evicting ...

Lawyers sanctioned for ‘conspiracy theoryelection fraud lawsuit

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Lawyers who attempted a class action lawsuit claiming voter fraud in the 2020 election were sanctioned by a federal judge in Colorado on Wednesday for the frivolous, meritless case, a major condemnation of pro-Donal...

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