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KT McFarland: Biden’s European grand tour is full of opportunities for US leadership – will he seize them?

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If that is all he does, it’s a lost opportunity. President Trump wasn’t the cause of the rift between the U.S. and many European nations; he was the symptom of a growing drift between how both sides of the Atlantic s...

Massie: CDC’s entire leadership must be fired over coronavirus ‘lies

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"If the government response to this virus has taught us anything, it’s that everyone at the top of @CDCgov needs to be fired. It’s being far too generous to characterize their constant stream of lies as ‘misinterpret...

Domenech: We need leadership that tolerates, respects political risk

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BEN DOMENECH: Risk is not something we handle well as Americans these days, the pandemic surely proved that point better than anything else could. But it’s not just fear in the face of disease. We live in a country w...

Record gun sales a ‘vote of no confidence in Democratic leadership’: Leo Terrell

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LEO TERRELL: There is a vote of no confidence in Democratic leadership. Everyone in this country saw what happened last summer. Everyone is witnessing the rising crime in democratic cities. People are afraid. They ca...

Jack Keane: Hamas leadership, underground tunnels sustained ‘significant damagefrom Israeli strikes

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LEEF OPDATE: ISRAEL APPROVES CEASE-FIRE AGREEMENT WITH HAMAS JACK KEANE: I believe Prime Minister Netanyahu, from the outset, when he got this fuselage of an unprovoked attack on the Israeli people he made up his mi...

‘Blue states are still being buried by leadership’: Rep. Ronny Jackson

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Cuomo’s $5.1M profit on COVID ‘leadership’ book sparks outrage on Twitter

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The Democrat has been repeatedly dragged for his handling of the crisis following his directive to relocate COVID-positive patients into nursing homes – killing nearly 16,000 elderly Americans. Combatants of Cuomo’s ...

Cheney swears she’s ‘not leavingthe GOP after being removed from House leadership post

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Cheney, R-Wyo., also told NBC's "Vandag" that she "absoluut" will run for reelection in 2022 en "absoluut" can win despite Trump allies who are aiming to come together behind one of Cheney's primary challengers a...

Ingraham: Multiple crises expose weakness of President Biden’s leadership

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INGRAHAM: These problems really don't bother the Biden White House all that much. Either they're so rich that it doesn't matter, or they're hoping to benefit from a bigger and more powerful central government. Na ...

After Cheney ouster, Stefanik promises ‘disciplined, unified messagein pitch for leadership post

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"I strongly believe that one of the most important qualities in any leader is the commitment and ability to listen," Stefanik, R-N.Y., wrote in a letter to colleagues, formally announcing her candidacy for the leader...

OJ Simpson steun Liz Cheney in GOP-leierskapstryd: ‘Ek is 'n soort fan’

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Cheney, die 3de rang Huis Republikein, het ook die woede van haar kollegas verdien deur voortdurend te weier dat Trump se verlies aan Joe Biden deur onreëlmatighede in die verkiesing geraak word. Rep. Elise Stefanik van New York is wi ...

Rep. Jim Banks: Liz Cheney ‘failedin House GOP leadership role

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Banke, the chair of the influential Republican Study Committee caucus, vertel "Fox News Sondag" anchor Chris Wallace that he believes that Cheney has become a "distraction" and that he believes House Republicans should...

Stefanik beduie aan kollegas dat sy slegs in leierskap sal dien 2022

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Rep. Elise Stefanik, wie gereed is om Rep. te vervang. Liz Cheney as die nr. 3 Huis Republikein, het aan sommige van haar kollegas te kenne gegee dat sy van plan is om in leierskap te bly en as voorsitter van die Huis-GOP-konferensie vir ....

GOP-goewerneur van Arkansas sê om 'n slegte voorkoms oor Cheney se plek in partyleierskap te veg’ vir Republikeine

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Republikeinse goewerneur van Arkansas. Asa Hutchinson het Woensdagaand gesê dit is 'n "slegte voorkoms" vir die GOP om voort te gaan om Rep. Liz Cheney van die partyleierskap te midde van haar volgehoue ​​opposisie teen die voormalige president Donald Tru ...

Liz Cheney, in die gesig staar GOP leierskap verwydering, neem veeg na Trump 'kultus’

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Cheney het haar kommentaar aangebied in 'n opie vir die Washington Post, Woensdag gepubliseer. "Ons Republikeine moet vir werklik konserwatiewe beginsels staan, en wegbeweeg van die gevaarlike en anti-demokratiese Trump ...

Sy. Joni Ernst verdedig die reg van Liz Cheney op 'n mening te midde van druk om haar van die GOP-leierskap af te sit

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Cheney het die afgelope paar weke die hartseer van die minderheidsleier van die huis, Kevin McCarthy en andere, te midde van herhaalde botsings met voormalige president Donald Trump. Ernst, die enigste ander Republikeinse vrou in 'n verkose leiersposisie..

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