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FBI staan ​​voor sy eie rasse-afrekening terwyl hy ondersoekers lei na die dood van die polisie

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Die Federale Buro vir Ondersoek het pas 'n nuutgeskepte posisie onthul om sy dekades oue diversiteitsprobleem aan te pak: hoof diversiteitsbeampte. Scott McMillion is 'n 23-jarige veteraan van die FBI wat optree ...

‘Leër van mammas’ leidende aanklag teen Critical Race Theory in Virginia-skole: Ian Prior

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LEO TERRELL RIPS OBAMA: 'LAASTE PERSOON AAN' WAT KRITIESE RASTEORIE VORIGE MOET BEVORDER: Uiteraard, die optrede van die skoolraad en die skooladministrasie het hierdie vuur aangesteek, maar, ook noem ek hulle die arm ...

Flaherty earns ML leading 8th win as Cards beat Pirates 8-5

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Flaherty (8-0) allowed two runs on four hits and four walks while striking out seven in six innings of work. He is the first Cardinals pitcher to win eight straight starts since John Tudor and Joaquín Andújar each ac...

Maryland leading the nation with first-of-its-kind anti-Asian discrimination group amid surge in attacks

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Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced last month the creation of a first-of-its-kind workgroup to address the uptick in anti-Asian attacks and his appointment of former U.S. Attorney Robert Hur to spearhead the effort....

Josh Duggar’s wife Anna defended reality star as a ‘diligent worker’ in days leading up to his federal arrest

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The reality star, 32, announced on April 24 via Instagram that she was pregnant with the family’s seventh child – a daughter – and when asked by a follower if her husband works and how the family is able to "afford" ...

Janice Dean reacts to Cuomo leading COVID conference call with governors: ‘I’m not surprised anymore’

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JANICE DEAN: I’m not even surprised anymore… From the very beginning, I’ve been shouting from the rooftops for almost a year now about the governor covering up the numbers. Now we know he did because his top aide adm...

Engele’ Shohei Ohtani becomes first pitcher since Babe Ruth to start game while leading MLB in homers

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"Sultan of Swat," ontmoet "Sho Time." Maandag, baseball's Shohei Ohtani accomplished a feat not seen in nearly a century -- taking the mound as his team's starting pitcher while simultaneously leading the league in...

Rain, then snow halts game with D’backs leading Reds in 8th

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Play was called just before the rain turned into snow at Great American Ball Park. It will resume before the teams play their regularly scheduled game on Wednesday night. Both will be nine-inning regulation games. CL...

The number of Black women mayors leading major cities to reach historic high. Here is why they are winning

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A new wave of Black women are breaking barriers as they ascend to mayoral seats in cities with deeply rooted histories of racism and inequality. Op Dinsdag, Tishaura Jones will be sworn in as the first Black female...

Dana Loesch explodes on Adam Toledo’s absent guardians leading up to fatal shooting: Where are the adults?

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Loesch argued the police officers involved should not be the ones criticized for acting in self-defense, but instead the party to blame is the adults responsible for looking after the teen. "Adam Toledo’s life matter...

Stephen Miller: ‘Joe Biden has shut down ICE,’ leading to a ‘travestyat the southern border

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STEPHEN MILLER: What you are seeing on the border right now is the worst border crisis in U.S. geskiedenis. It’s not just that the numbers are the highest they’ve been in 20 jare. It’s that you have the largest number o...

Women are leading the way on biology’s frontier. Here’s how to open up all of science to them

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Brett Marie Sansbury, PhD, is the Leader of Discovery Research and Natalia Rivera-Torres, PhD, is Laboratory Operations Coordinator and a research scientist in the Gene Editing Institute at ChristianaCare's Helen F....

Former top State Department official is Biden’s leading contender to be US ambassador to China

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Washington Nicholas Burns, a former US ambassador and senior State Department official, is the leading contender for US ambassador to China, according to two sources familiar with the discussions. The Biden administr...

Leading House Democrat dagvaar Donald Trump ingevolge 'n wet na die burgeroorlog weens sameswering om Amerikaanse onluste in die Capitol aan te hits

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Voormalige president Donald Trump en prokureur Rudy Giuliani word daarvan beskuldig dat hulle met die verregse groepe Proud Boys en Oath Keepers saamgesweer het om die Januarie aan te blaas 6 opstand in 'n siviele geding wat Dinsdag in ....

The Trump ally in the Senate leading the President’s futile effort to challenge the Electoral College votes

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Washingtonse Republikeinse Sen. Josh Hawley threw a political grenade into Washington last week when he announced his intentions to object when Congress counts the Electoral College votes on Wednesday -- a move that pits ...

Ashanti toets positief vir Covid-19, lei Verzuz om haar stryd met Keyshia Cole uit te stel

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Dit lyk asof aanhangers tot Januarie sal moet wag vir die Verzuz-stryd tussen Ashanti en Keyshia Cole. Ashanti het Saterdag op Instagram aangekondig dat sy positief vir Covid-19 getoets het. "Haai almal, ek kan nie glo dat ek s nie..

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