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A fantasy football bet leads to a $1,000 tip for a Waffle House server

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As the NFL regular season came to a close, Michael Carsley knew the penalty for finishing last in his fantasy football league. Their rule: Whoever ended that season at the bottom of the league had to spend 24 ure ...

A mother leads the social media charge to register bone marrow donors and help her son beat cancer

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To get more information about bone marrow donation, and to find out how you can help Jehvan and children like him, klik hier. "My baby has cancer." For California mom Kimberly Crompton, the painful realization "h ...

DNA leads to arrest in the killing of a New York teenager 35 jare terug

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DNA testing led to the arrest of man in the 35-year-old killing of a girl in Rochester, New York, police and prosecutors said in an emotional press conference on Friday. Wendy Jerome, 14, was raped and killed while ...

Dodelike skietery van polisiebeampte in Nieu-Mexiko lei tot 'n jaagtog en skietery van 40 kilometer

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Die noodlottige skietery van 'n polisiebeampte in New Mexico het Donderdag gelei tot 'n vinnige jaagtog wat op 'n skietgeveg met die verdagte geëindig het.. Die polisie het gesê die beampte is op Interstate vermoor 10 naby die stad Akela ...

Oil spill leads Israel to close beaches as it faces one of its ‘most severe ecological disasters

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Israeli authorities are trying to locate the source of a suspected oil spill that has been described as one of the most severe ecological disasters to hit the country, threatening wildlife, forcing beaches to close ...

Pennsylvania GOP state senatorsrefusal to seat Democrat leads to chaotic ceremony

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The Pennsylvania Senate's swearing-in ceremony devolved into a chaotic scene on Tuesday when state GOP senators refused to seat a Democratic member who had won reelection and seized control of the proceedings from t...

Raheem Sterling leads tributes to former Manchester City youth player Jeremy Wisten who died at 17

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Tributes have poured in for a former youth player at English Premier league side Manchester City who died at the age of 17. Malawi-born Jeremy Wisten, who was a defender, joined City's elite youth squads in 2016, ac ...

Drie mense is dood nadat 'n rusie oor sneeu-skoffel tot moord-selfmoord lei

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Drie mense, die skut ingesluit, is dood na 'n dispuut oor sneeu-skoffel in die Vlakte, Pennsylvania, buite Wilkes-Barre Maandag, Dale Binker, polisiehoof van die Plains Township-polisie, het Dinsdag aan CNN gesê. Omstreeks 9 'n ....

Tom Brady leads the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to their first playoff win since 2002

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The sports world already knows Tom Brady as the greatest quarterback of all time, but he proved it to Tampa Bay this weekend after leading the Buccaneers to their first playoff win since 2002. Simply beating the Was...