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The NFL punished the Raiders and Steelers for violating the league’s Covid-19 protocols

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The NFL is punishing the Las Vegas Raiders and Pittsburgh Steelers for not adhering to the league's Covid-19 protocols. The Raiders have been fined $ 500,000, head coach Jon Gruden has been fined $ 150,000 そしてその...

Negro Leagues recognized as official major leagues, stats to be added to MLB records

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Major League Baseball on Wednesday sought to correct a longstanding wrong by recognizing the Negro Leagues as a major league and counting the statistics and records of thousands of Black players as part of the game'...

How our populist moment explains the Super League’s rapid implosion

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Two days after 12 of the biggest clubs in European soccer announced their plans to form a new league -- unironically called the Super League -- the entire plan collapsed amid widespread dissatisfaction from fans, pl ...

Legislation banning hair bias gains momentum in more states as schools and sports leagues face backlash for policies

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Four-year-old Gus Hawkins IV, affectionately known as "Jett," was thrilled to go to school and show off his new hairstyle when his mom Ida Nelson agreed that he could wear braids. Nelson said she was raising her k...


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フェニックスサンズのガードクリスポールは、リーグのCovid-19健康と安全プロトコルへの彼の配置に続いて見送られました, チームは水曜日に発表しました. サンズのヘッドコーチ、モンティ・ウィリアムズは、チームが承認すると述べた。.

聖人’ David Onyemata suspended for violating league’s substance abuse policy

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Onyemata, 28, said he was "驚いた" by the failed test result, adding that he has "never knowingly" taken a banned substance. DREW BREES SET A ‘STANDARD’ FOR NEXT SAINTS QUARTERBACK, SEAN PAYTON SAYS "私は ...

AAC’s Aresco: Did not plot with ESPN to poach other leagues

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Aresco addressed conference realignment Wednesday during the AAC’s virtual football media day, saying the league is not actively looking to add schools. "Our conference has never strategically aligned or plotted with...

ACC wide open after league’s disappointing opening week

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Its three preseason ranked teams all lost as the league went 7-7, a dent to a conference eager to show it's more than just Clemson at the top. タイガース, who started at No. 3, fell to No. 2 ジョージア 10-3. North Carol...

Pac-12には 3 無敗のチーム, パワーの中で最低 5 リーグ

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"フィリピンでは," ブルーインズのコーチは 10:45 午後. 土曜日のフレズノ州立大学に対する東部キックオフ. "それでは、マニラの人々のために良いショーをしましょう。" Pac-12のために, あまりにも, なぜならli ...

18 元NBAプレーヤーは、リーグのヘルスケア計画を数百万人からだまそうとしたとして起訴されました

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18人の元NBAプレーヤーが、現在および元のプレーヤーにサービスを提供した数百万ドルの医療計画を詐取したとされる容疑で起訴されました。, 木曜日に開封された起訴状によると....

NHL player Evander Kane suspended following league’s investigation into his Covid-19 vaccine card

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The National Hockey League has handed a 21-game unpaid suspension to Evander Kane of the San Jose Sharks after an investigation into whether he submitted a fraudulent Covid-19 vaccination card, according to Front Of...

NHL Commissioner meets with Kyle Beach, offers league’s help

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Susan Loggans, an attorney representing Beach in a lawsuit against the team, said Bettman expressed his "sincere regret" over what Beach had experienced. He also offered the NHL's help with psychological services and...

US sports leagues cope with COVID-19 outbreaks amid variants

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その他のスポーツ報道については、ここをクリックしてください . Both the NBA and NHL have had to postpone games over the last month with so many players sidelined, and the men's basketball teams at Tulane and the University of Washington have...

Quidditch leagues seek name change to break from JK Rowling’s ‘anti-trans’ ビュー, avoid marketing obstacles

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United States Quidditch (USQ) and Major League Quidditch (MLQ) released a joint statement revealing their desire to change their names. Quidditch is a trademarked term by Warner Bros. and the leagues said the tradema...

NHL decries ‘abhorrentracist incidents in the minor leagues

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その他のスポーツ報道については、ここをクリックしてください . The NHL released a statement on the incidents. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey, ファイル) "Incidents of racism, whether they occur in hockey or anywhere else, are abhorrent....


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ネグロリーグ野球博物館のボブケンドリック大統領が出演 "DAショー" 金曜日、ロビンソンがブルックリンドジャースに加わり、チームプレジデントのブランチリッキーが内野手に署名するという決定にどのように参加したかについて話します。 ...

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