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Abortion rights activists in the US can learn from recent progress on abortion access in Latin America

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Bogota, Colombia The prospect of the United States overturning decades of abortion rights, which materialized this week in a leaked draft opinion by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, triggered shock waves in many c...

Newt Gingrich details lessons Republicans can learn from Democrats’ failures

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NEWT GINGRICH: I think that particularly in the House, Kevin McCarthy has taken a real lead in developing a team effort, much more sophisticated than we had in '94. And I think they're going to have the equivalent of...

Sean Hannity: US must learn lessons from history, no more Vietnams or Afghanistans

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SEAN HANNITY: Make no mistake, Vladimir Putin is waging a baseless war of aggression against a sovereign nation. My position on this has been very clear: Although there are people that are so stupid in the mob and th...

Mike Huckabee says Biden could learn from Zelenskyy: ‘A master at communicating’

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BIDEN CALLS PUTIN A ‘WAR CRIMINAL’ AFTER SAYING RUSSIA IS INFLICTING ‘APPALLING DEVASTATION’ ON UKRAINE MIKE HUCKABEE: Well the most important thing [Biden can learn] is how to communicate, Zelenskyy is a master at c...

Sean Hannity: Joe Biden should learn lessons from Ronald Reagan

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SEAN HANNITY: Many Americans tonight are asking this question. What should America’s role be when you see horror and mass graves and dead children and women in the streets, what is America’s role in this? Let me be c...

Wildfires are getting more extreme and burning more land. The UN says it’s time to ‘learn to live with fire’

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Wildfires have intensified around the globe, providing a stark reminder of how the climate crisis is upending lives and inflicting billions of dollars a year in damage. And it will only get worse, according to dozen...

Your email is being tracked – learn the secret advertisers don’t want you to know

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If you don’t like the idea of advertisers knowing everything about you, shut them out. Tap or click here for simple, actionable steps you can take now.  Unlike your browser history, you probably don’t give much thoug...

What we can learn from Nathan Chen’s redemption

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Amy Bass (@bassab1) is professor of sport studies at Manhattanville College and the author of "One Goal: A Coach, a Team, and the Game That Brought a Divided Town Together" and "Not the Triumph but the Struggle: The ...

Laura Ingraham reveals what lessons the US can learn from Canada’s ‘Freedom Convoy’

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Ingraham said the media coverage in both countries glaringly conflicts with the softer reporting on the BLM and Antifa riots, including one that occurred at CNN's world headquarters in Atlanta. "Just when you think t...

Now is time to learn to live with COVID – and expand arsenal of tools against it

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This, despite the fact that 90% of truckers have at least two vaccine shots, and there is a high rate of COVID/omicron spread despite vaccination. The requirement also ignores the fact that other countries, including...

Fauci outlines pandemic long-term return to normal: ‘best-case scenario’ we learn to live with it

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The president’s chief medical advisor predicted this week the current surge of cases caused by the omicron variant will peak by mid-February, leaving officials wondering what happens next.  Fauci said on ABC’s "This ...

Sen. Blackburn on Biden admin: The more people learn, ‘the less they like it’

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SEN. MARSHA BLACKBURN: It's going to be up to Republicans to make certain that we get our message out there, that we talk about what we have done. What we see from all this polling is the more people know about the B...

What will Silicon Valley learn from the Elizabeth Holmes’ trial?

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Will it? Don't hold your breath. Elizabeth Holmes walks into federal court in San Jose, Calif., Monday, Jan. 3, 2022. (AP Photo/Nic Coury)

Trump CDC Director Redfield: US must ‘learn to live’ with COVID; vaccinate but don’t ‘shut things down’

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Redfield, who notably told Fox News months ago that a new variant would emerge and become the "dominant strain" – as omicron has – told "The Story" that this cycle will continue for the foreseeable future. "This is t...

No. 3 Georgia’s defense looks to learn from ‘wake-up call’

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The wake-up call was received. Now Dean and other team leaders are working to make sure No. 3 Georgia takes advantage of those painful lessons in the Dec. 31 College Football Playoff semifinal in the Orange Bowl agai...

California could learn from Colorado’s Covid choice

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Which decision is correct? DR. NICOLE SAPHIER: HOW IS COVID GOING TO END? Los Angeles, CA - November 10:Gov. Gavin Newsom takes questions during a press conference on COVID-19 vaccination and housing for h...

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