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Hierdie tiener in Kalifornië het 'n nie-winsgewende organisasie begin om kinders te help om wetenskap te leer. Hy word pas in Stanford aanvaar

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Elke jaar, seniors op hoërskool wag angstig op toelatingsbriewe vir kollege, met die hoop dat hulle in hul droomskole aanvaar word. Ahmed Muhammad was een van hulle. Toe Muhammad dus opgeneem word in die Stanford Universit ...

Wat * elke * Republikein van die goewerneur van Georgië moet leer

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Dinsdagmiddag, President Donald Trump het 'n peiling gevier -- wat oordrewe mag word of nie -- wys die Republikeinse goewerneur van Georgië. Brian Kemp se goedkeuringsgraderings daal. "Moet dit nie glo nie, moet meer wees!" twee ...

‘Genius Dog Challengekicks off to determine whether 6 of the world’s smartest dogs can learn new names

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Simply put, they are the world's top dogs. Researchers from Hungary are holding the Genius Dog Challenge, which pits six of the world's smartest dogs against one another to show who is able to best learn the names o...

What we can learn from 1918’s deadly second wave

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In the deadly fall wave of the 1918 flu pandemic, millions of people were doomed because they didn't know what we know now about how viruses and respiratory illnesses spread. We might face a similar fate if some pe...

Joe Biden has his own island on ‘Animal Crossingwhere you can learn about his campaign

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As Election Day approaches, Joe Biden and his team are exhausting all efforts to reach voters -- even taking their campaign to a popular video game. The Biden Campaign on Friday launched new headquarters in "Dier ...

How early and mail-in voting could affect when we learn the winner of the 2020 verkiesing

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More Americans are casting their ballots early than ever before. If that correlates with higher turnout overall -- and polling suggests it will -- it will be good for democracy. The higher early voting could also, ...

What Trump could learn from the fall of France’s own fiery ‘law and order’ president

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Americans are on the eve of a momentous political choice this November. But for a jump on how the story goes from here, consider what happened in France, where another "back to normal" candidate challenged a firebra...

What I want my sons to learn from their great-grandfather’s WWII survival

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My entire life has been shaped by my late grandfather and his stories of heroism during World War II. My grandpa, Frank DeSales Murphy, survived months in a German POW camp after being shot out of his B-17 Flying F...

Surfer arrested at Spanish beach after police learn she had COVID-19, was defying quarantine orders

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close Video Stranded humpback whale calf rescued at well-known tourist beach in Rio de Janeiro Humpback whale calf rescued by volunteers and emergency services workers on popular Rio de Janeiro beach. You can’t...