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Missing 7-year-old Harmony Montgomery’s parents had ‘custody issuesprior to disappearance, Grace learns

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Montgomery, a visually impaired little girl from Manchester, New Hampshire, was reported missing in December — two years after she was last seen when police responded to a home in the city in October 2019. Police des...

Garland was nie bevoeg om DOJ te lei nie, so afsydig hy leer gevalle uit die nuus: ‘Die Vyf’

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Garland is gebraai deur Rep. W. Greg Steube, R-Fla., oor of die departement van justisie gewelddadige omgewingsbetogers vervolg wat onwettig by die Stewart Lee Udall-departement se hoofkwartier ingebreek het..

Philadelphia health commissioner resigns after mayor learns he cremated and disposed of 1985 MOVE bombing victims’ bly oor

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Philadelphia's city health commissioner is resigning after news he cremated and disposed of some of the remains of the 1985 MOVE bombing victims, the mayor announced Thursday. Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said Dr. ...

Greg Gutfeld: Portland mayor learns bitter lesson of appeasing Antifa

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It reminds me of the time I rescued a poor kitten outside my apartment, only to learn a few months later it was a raccoon. What was initially adorable had become evil. Same goes for relationships. Some women date the...

Nikki Glaser learns to love herself

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In the new FX/ Hulu documentary, "Hysterical," viewers are treated to the backstories of the female comics who star in it, childhood scars and all. For Nikki Glaser, among the comedians featured in the film, her ch...

Nikki Haley learns there’s no halfway with Trump

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Nikki Haley's theory of the case when if she runs for president in 2024 is pretty simple: I'm the parts of Donald Trump you liked without any of the parts you didn't like! She literally said just that -- in an inter...

Scott Disick learns he has low testosterone, admits his body has been through ‘some rough waters

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Scott Disick had been getting hit with feelings of exhaustion, and after a blood test he discovered he had low testosterone, he revealed on Thursday's episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." Eers, the real...