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President of Azerbaijan tells Armenia to ‘leave our territory, en dan, the war will stop

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President Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan has said Armenia and its military forces "need to leave our territory, en dan, the war will stop and then the conflict will come to an end." In an interview with Al Jazeera, Pr ...

Trump’s Pentagon chief says he ‘cannot wait to leavehis job

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Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller, who will leave office in less than a week. stated that he 'cannot wait to leave this job," according to a transcript released by the Department of Defense. The admis...

House GOP will ‘leave no stone unturnedin Wuhan lab investigation: McMorris Rodgers

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CATHY MCMORRIS RODGERS: We launched our investigation in March, and what we are seeking is a comprehensive inquiry to the NIH to join the Energy and Commerce Committee so that we can get a complete, a scientific and ...

J.D. Vance mocks Kamala Harris‘ridiculoustake on rural America: ‘Leave condescension to your staffers

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J.D. VANCE: We have all kinds of crazy things in small towns in the state of Ohio and across the country. We've got electricity, we've got running water, we even have soap. And it's amazing that the vice president of...

Reuse’ Sterling Shepard’s blunt message to those unhappy with Joe Judge’s style: ‘You’re welcome to leave

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Sterling Shepard, one of the veteran wide receivers who has been with the Giants since 2016, showed reporters Wednesday he bought into Judge’s way of doing things. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . "That's k...

Betsy DeVos on escalating mask debate: ‘Leave these decisions to parents

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"I think the right answer is that parents really need to be in a position to decide what is best for each of their children," DeVos told "America's Newsroom." "Ons weet dit, vir sommige, kids feel more comfortable if th...

Vermis Idaho 5-jarige: Polisie, gemeenskap 'laat geen steen onaangeroer nie’ nadat seuntjie amper verdwyn het 3 weke gelede

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Sedert die verdwyning van Michael Joseph Vaughan die aand in Julie in Fruitland 27, ondersoekers het nog geen tekens van die vermiste kind gevind nie. TENNESSEE RUIL OP SOMERWELE: 'ALMAL IS NOG' N VERDAG ...

Amerikaners by Kaboel-lughawehekke word deur die Amerikaanse ambassade in Afghanistan aangemoedig om 'onmiddellik te vertrek’

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"Weens veiligheidsbedreigings buite die hekke van Kaboel-lughawe, ons adviseer U.S. burgers om te vermy om na die lughawe te reis en om lughawehekke op hierdie tydstip te vermy, tensy jy individuele instruksies van...

Die opdrag van die Amerikaanse ambassade weerspieël die chaos van Kaboel-lughawe, onsekerheid: ‘Los dadelik’

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Amerikaners by Kaboel-lughawe-hekke word deur die Amerikaanse ambassade in Afghanistan aangemoedig om 'onmiddellik te verlaat' Die VSA. Ambassade in Afghanistan het Amerikaners wat in die land vasgevang is, gewaarsku om nie na die Kaboel-lughawe te reis nie weens sekuriteit..

‘Leave It To Beaverstar Tony Dow hospitalized with pneumonia: verslag doen

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Die akteur, director and sculptor is perhaps best known for playing the older brother character, Wally Cleaver, in 234 episodes of the sitcom’s run from 1957 aan 1963. That’s why many fans took notice when TMZ reported...

Blinken pledges support to Americans left in Afghanistan after withdrawal: ‘We will help them leave

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Blinken said the State Department does not have an exact figure on the number of Americans still in the country, though it is believed to be "onder 200 and likely closer to 100." He added that efforts to determine an...