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Hierdie stad het rondom 20 dae van vars water oor. Amptenare jaag na 'n ander bron

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'n Stad in New Mexico het ongeveer 20 dae van vars water oor, en amptenare daar skarrel om 'n ander bron te vind om te verhoed dat kankerveroorsakende deeltjies uit krane vloei. Die heuwels rondom Las Vegas...

Levin obliterates MSNBC guest who blamed Highland Park shooting on ‘ancient’ Grondwet: ‘Marxist Left

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Georgetown University law professor Rosa Brooks claimed on a panel on MSNBC's "Die ReidOut" that Americans brought the July Fourth Highland Park massacre on themselves, "because we are essentially slaves to a documen...

Jim Jordan says Supreme Court abortion decision is ‘victoryover ‘intimidation tactics of the left

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Praat verder "Sondagoggend Toekoms," Jordan added that the decision was a "huge victory for life." The congressman made the argument one day after President Biden criticized the Supreme Court for its "terrible decis...

North Korean defector: I am terrified of the ‘massive indoctrination coming from the leftin public schools

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"This is exactly the dictator's handbook. ek bedoel, it's [Adolf] Hitler's youth, Mao's youth and Kim Il-Sung's youth. They always go for young children because they have [nie] lived their life enough to... have critica...

Sy. Hawley, former Supreme Court clerk, calls abortion a ‘religion for the far left

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Hawley, who clerked for Chief Justice John Roberts Jr., told Fox News on Tuesday that the left is willing to defend their "godsdiens" to the hilt and foist it upon everyone who conversely believes in the sanctity of l...

Karol Markowicz rips top NYC doctor for calling white women ‘birthing people’: Appeals to ‘fringe left

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NYC TOP HEALTH OFFICIAL REFERS TO WHITE WOMEN AS 'BIRTHING PEOPLE,' CALLS BLACK AND HISPANIC WOMEN 'MOTHERS' KAROL MARKOWICZ: I'm sure it was an oversight, but unfortunately what they mean is that all of us are birth...

Harmeet Dhillon blasts Biden’s SCOTUS selection process: ‘He is beholden to the left

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HARMEET DHILLON: Wel, you're absolutely right, Tucker. What you see here is the culmination of some decades of activism on the left, starting with destroying Robert Bork as a nominee, back when I was a student in la...

CEO of CNN’s new owner calls network ‘leader in news to the left’

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Discovery CEO David Zaslav, whose media giant is set to close its merger with CNN’s owner WarnerMedia this spring, made the surprise remark during a discussion about the network’s future – days after the abrupt resig...

en hy het 'n diep verbintenis met die gehoor ontwikkel deur twee trefferprogramme The Five en Watters' World’

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"en hy het 'n diep verbintenis met die gehoor ontwikkel deur twee trefferprogramme The Five en Watters' World. 2022 en hy het 'n diep verbintenis met die gehoor ontwikkel deur twee trefferprogramme The Five en Watters' World. Ek het probeer waarsku ons is te ver links op pad," Matthews het getwiet.

Jesse Watters torches AG Merrick Garland as ‘corrupt puppet of the radical leftafter Capitol Hill hearing

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Garland told the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday the National School Boards Association's apology over the letter that inspired his memo would not affect the DOJ's position when it comes to intervening in threat...

Texas police rescue unconscious driver from burning car ‘with only seconds left’: owerhede

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Officers responded to a single-vehicle accident that happened just before 3:00 am. on Forest Lane in front of the Garland Police Department, polisie gesê. SEATTLE POLICE RESCUE CONVICTED FELON FROM WRECKED CAR BEFORE...

Progressives connect with a solid ‘leftafter getting knocked down

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Steeds, progressives embraced the effort. En, they took credit for spurring the administration to act – precisely one day after the White House said it couldn’t. White House officials had put out a long list of bromi...

McConnell: Biden flip on anti-abortion Hyde Amendment sign of administration ‘spiraling way, way to the left

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First passed in 1977, the Hyde Amendment to Medicaid prohibits federal tax dollars from being used to fund abortions, except in cases where the woman's life is in danger – exceptions for cases of rape or incest were ...

Trump praat op die Dallas CPAC-konferensie, beloof om ‘die radikale linkses te verslaan’ en ‘kritiese ras teoretici’

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Hy is begroet deur "VSA" sing hy terwyl hy op die verhoog stap, en die CPAC-deelnemers geprys as sterk ondersteuners van sy beweging. "Met die hulp van almal hier vandag, ons sal die radikale links verslaan, die sosialiste, Marxi...

Sophie, Gravin van Wessex sê prins Philip se dood het ''n reuse-grootte gat gelaat’ in die koninklike familie se lewens

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Die hertog van Edinburgh, wat meer as sewe dekades daaraan bestee het om sy vrou koningin Elizabeth II te ondersteun, is op April oorlede 9 op ouderdom 99. "[Sy dood] 'n groot gat in ons lewens gelaat," die vrou van Philip se jongste seun...

Man fatally shot in Seattle’s ‘CHOPautonomous zone was ‘left to die’ deur eerste reageerders, verslag sê

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An attorney representing the estate of 19-year-old Lorenzo Anderson has filed a notice of claim regarding the alleged delayed response of a Seattle Fire Department ambulance on the night the man was shot, the New Yor...

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