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New Tom Cotton book spotlights what senator calls ‘Left’s Plot to Sabotage American Power’

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Algodón, an Army veteran who served in combat in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, a rising star in the GOP, and potential 2024 presidential contender, announced on Monday in an appearance on Fox News’ "Fox and Friends" ...

Former Supreme Court clerks speak out against the Left’s rhetoric and threats made against the justices

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MIKE DAVIS: If you're making threats against Supreme Court justices, you are violating federal law. There are laws on the books for assaults, for threats, for conspiracy, for obstruction of justice. And it is disgrac...

Hannity: Americans rejecting the far left’s agenda as Democratsmidterm hopes dwindle

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SEAN HANNITY: From coast to coast, the destructive Democratic agenda is losing the confidence of so many American voters. Now it's failing at the border, failing inside our schools, failing at the gas pump, pretty mu...

Laura Ingraham: The left’s control over Washington is getting shakier

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LAURA INGRAHAM: Gorjeo, it's in Elon Musk's hands. Puedes creerlo? Ahora, he literally had to come up with $ 44 billion to make a stand for free speech. Asi que, No sé, his philosophy seems pretty straightforwa...

Bongino: The Left’s mask mandates are not about safety, they’re about power

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Y BONGINO: Remember the tragic New York City subway shooting last week? Dozens of passengers were seen running for their lives, all while keeping their masks on. Gerry Baker of The Wall Street Journal put it best i...

Juez Jeanine: How much do Americans have to sacrifice at the left’s ‘big green altar?’

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JEANINE PIRRO: En 1969 the New York Times talked to an expert who said everyone will disappear in a cloud of blue steam by 1989 because of pollution. Ahora, I don't remember disappearing in a cloud of blue steam, do yo...

Gutfeld: Masks might become part of the American Left’s identity forever

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Because we have a new victim class, one that is now a target for discrimination — even hate. We call them "the masked." It seems the Department of Justice is appealing the recent court ruling in order to reinstate th...

Reps. Boebert on Left’s agenda for kids: What is happening in America?

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Liberal bureaucrats "are doing anything in their power to protect these people who want to sexualize and groom our children," she told host Laura Ingraham. "And now to hear … that we have these ‘minor-attracted perso...

David Copperfield no tiene nada contra ellos’ David Copperfield no tiene nada contra ellos

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David Copperfield no tiene nada contra ellos "Tucker Carlson hoy," David Copperfield no tiene nada contra ellos, David Copperfield no tiene nada contra ellos.

The Left’s ‘greenpolicies may actually lead to more pollution, Colorado Senate candidate says

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"On the yardstick of greenhouse gas emissions, environmental policies fail," Eli Bremer, a former Olympian and Republican candidate for Senate in Colorado, dijo a Fox News Digital. He argued that "green" technologies m...

'El cinco’ on left’s disconnect on high gas prices

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JESSE AGUAS, ANFITRIÓN DE NOTICIAS DE FOX: Hola, todos. sobre la supuesta alianza entre China y Rusia mientras continúa la guerra en Ucrania, Gerardo Rivera, Dana Perino, y Greg Gutfeld. Son las cinco en punto en la ciudad de Nueva York, and this is The Five.President Bide...

Will Cain warns the left’s attacks on Joe Rogan are ‘coordinatedand not about COVID

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SPOTIFY CEO APOLOGY LETTER TO EMPLOYEES OVER JOE ROGAN CALLED CONTRADICTORY: ‘PR SLIGHT OF HAND’ WILL CAIN: Creating separate ecosystems, parallel ecosystems, ones that honor not just conservative values, but the fou...

Bongino: The left’s disinformation is becoming reality

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Y BONGINO: One of the left's favorite weapons has been the misinformation, or disinformation, label. They love it. They slap it onto anything that doesn't tow their political line. They use it to paint real experts...

Hannity: China is a ‘shiningexample of the left’s ideology

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NBA'S ENES KANTER FREEDOM SLAMS CHINA 'PUPPET' YAO MING: 'BIG BODY, SMALL HEART AND TINY BRAIN' "There is no freedom in China," él dijo. "Allí['s] no freedom of religion, no freedom of speech, no freedom of thought,...

Jonathan Turley: The left’s success at silencing free speech would make Joe McCarthy blush

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TULSI GABBARD SLAMS CENSORSHIP AND CLAIMS ‘FREE SPEECH IS AT THE HEART OF OUR DEMOCRACY’ JONATHAN TURLEY: I want to emphasize that a lot of people on the left that have said if it's not prohibited on the First Amendm...

Emily camarada: Dibujando condena por la declaración históricamente analfabeta

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El comentario de Whoopi Goldberg sobre el Holocausto fue "antisemitismo a plena luz del día": Dibujando condena por la declaración históricamente analfabeta: Dibujando condena por la declaración históricamente analfabeta, sabes, Dibujando condena por la declaración históricamente analfabeta.

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