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NY Times slammed for claim that Republicans attacked left-wing Biden nominee because of birthplace, not views

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The piece, focused on Omarova's decision to withdraw her own nomination, didn't mention a number of her controversial views, including a past suggestion that it would be a good thing for energy industries to go bankr...

El horror del desfile de Waukesha hecho posible gracias a los fiscales de distrito de izquierda’ intentos de reforma de la fianza, los críticos dicen

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Policía en ciudades como Milwaukee, Nueva York, Chicago y Los Ángeles enfrentan escasez de personal y baja moral, en parte debido a tales políticas., según Betsy Brantner Smith, un sargento de policía retirado y portavoz..

James ‘Bo SnerdleyGolden urges AOC to continue pushing left-wing policies to ‘lose more elections

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dorado, known best as the late radio icon Rush Limbaugh's producer and call-screener Bo Snerdley, dijo "Horario estelar de Fox News" the Bronx lawmaker's claim the candidates from her party running on Tuesday were too "modera...

Brit Hume rompe los medios, expertos de izquierda por negar la CRT se enseña en las escuelas de Virginia: 'Camelo’

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Durante una aparición en "Tucker Carlson esta noche," Hume atribuyó la victoria del gobernador electo republicano de Virginia, Glenn Youngkin en las elecciones para gobernador del martes, a su postura sobre cuestiones sociales como oponerse a la CRT.,...

Democrats will keep pursuing left-wing agenda regardless of election results: Reps. Jordán

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YOUNGKIN DEFEATS MCAULIFFE IN RACE FOR VIRGINIA GOVERNOR JIM JORDAN: It turns out when you run a campaign that says ‘government is smarter than parents’ and 'we're going to defund the police,' the American people dis...

Su. Coons condemns left-wing harassment of Sen. Cine: ‘not at allappropriate

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Coons caught up with Fox News in a Tuesday phone interview where he discussed President Biden's Build Back Better agenda. Sinema has become a key figure in the Democrats’ fight to get Biden’s agenda across the Senate...

‘Left-wingstate officials could have prevented Philadelphia train rape: Gutfeld

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"Everybody is disgusted by the story, but it is not just about the ghoulish thug, it is about the DA's [Fiscal de distrito] and the judges who could have prevented this, who could have kept this guy behind bars," Gutf...

Ingraham: Left-wing Democrats turn on Dave Chappelle, Su. Sinema because ‘the mob never sleeps

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Ingraham noted Sinema was praised by the media and fellow Democrats as she ran and won office in 2018 – marking the first time a Democrat has held a Senate seat in that state since former Intelligence Committee Chair...

Professor blames left-wing ‘outrage mobfor cancellation of MIT lecture on climate science

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Durante una aparición en "Sala de prensa de Estados Unidos," Dorian Abbot said that after hearing the news about his cancelled event, su esposa, who was born in Ukraine and had to be baptized in secret, likened the situation to her ...

Marco Rubio: ‘Radical, left-wing nutcasestrying to remake America into socialist economy

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SU. KENNEDY: BIDEN'S INFRASTRUCTURE BILL WILL ‘TURN AMERICA INTO CUBA’ MARCO RUBIO: They have an internal party problem, and they have these radical left-wing nutcases who basically want it to be seven trillion, not...

Left-wing pundit Matthew Dowd announces bid for Texas lieutenant governor

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The Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-independent-turned-Democrat, who has never held office, said incumbent Lt. Gov Dan Patrick, R., "puts his me over our we" in his announcement video. "We need more officials who t...

Caín: From Afghanistan to left-wing riots, Democrats ‘create a silver liningAmericans must ignore

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With the chaotic U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan that left 13 military servicemembers dead and untold numbers of American citizens stranded with a terrorist regime running the country, President Joe Biden and his ad...

Newt Gingrich: Proyecto de ley de infraestructura un "ala izquierda’ regalo a Schumer, Nueva York, entonces, ¿por qué algunos senadores republicanos la respaldaron??

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JOSH HAWLEY: ESTA NO ES UNA FACTURA DE INFRAESTRUCTURA, ES UN RADICAL IZQUIERDA WOKE POLÍTICA BILL NEWT GINGRICH: No puedo entender por qué un solo senador republicano habría votado a favor de esto. No cumplió con ninguno de los estándares ...

Bratton sounds off on left-wing criminal justice reforms: ‘We’re going in many wrong directions

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FORMER NYC POLICE MISSIONER WARNS WE ARE GOING BACK TO THE 'BAD OLD DAYS' BRATTON: It's going to be extraordinarily difficult this time back in '94, '95. We had a lot going for us. The public was fed up. We had many ...

Dan Bongino rips left-wing crime policies on ‘Fox & Amigos': ‘How can they be so stupid?’

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FORMER NYC POLICE MISSIONER WARNS WE ARE GOING BACK TO THE ‘BAD OLD DAYS’ DAN BONGINO: David Horowitz has this theory and it explains why the Democrats have essentially become pro-crime. He calls the Democrats the an...

'El cinco’ blasts left-wing activists denouncing cops while minority areas call for more support

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Dozens were shot and some killed in Chicago, gunfire erupted in a popular Washington nightlife area, and a mugger beat an elderly man senseless in New York City. In the latter case, the NYPD released the video of a m...

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