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Here’s where things stand for New York’s mask mandate after differing legal decisions

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After a legal battle played out in New York's court system this week, its state mask mandate was temporarily upheld Tuesday, but the back-and-forth left many residents trying to determine whether mask wearing at cer...

UConn ordered to pay former coach Kevin Ollie $11 million following legal battle

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UConn had cited "just cause" in terminating Ollie by accusing him of failing to keep the coaching staff in compliance with the NCAA’s recruiting standards. Per the terms of the firing, the university was hoping to cl...

Venmo users unhappy after learning about new legal requirement

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"Onestamente, I'm using Venmo because there's no taxes," and if it "starts to have taxes, I'm not using it anymore," one Venmo user told Fox News. In vigore da gennaio. 1, third-party payment processors are required to report ...

NYC Mayor Eric Adams stands by support of bill allowing 800,000 legal noncitizens to vote: ‘It is imperative

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Adams, a Democrat who was sworn in on Jan. 1, appeared on CNN’s "Stato dell'unione" and was asked what made him change his mind in support of the "Our city, our vote" conto, which became law on Sunday. NYC MAYOR SAYS...

Il meglio dei cartoni politici: Legal troubles

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NUOVOOra puoi ascoltare gli articoli di Fox News!

Judge blocks Navy vaccine policy for legal challengers citing religious objections

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Washington A federal judge in Texas on Monday ruled against the Biden administration's vaccine requirement for members of the military in a decision that took aim at how the Navy's policies handled those who sought r...

Federal prosecutors question legal fee arrangement in case against former Trump adviser

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Federal prosecutors in New York have asked a judge to inquire about potential conflicts of interest in their case against an employee of Tom Barrack, a former adviser to then-President Donald Trump who is facing fed...

Biden admits his vaccine mandates are unpopular but says they’re ‘legal and effective

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"When people are vaccinated or tested, they're much less likely to get sick and less likely to spread it to others," the president said in addressing the nation from the White House’s State Dining Room. CASA BIANCA:...

Britney Spears’ papà, che è stato sospeso dalla tutela, chiede alla pop star di pagare le spese legali

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Nei documenti depositati la scorsa settimana, Il padre di Spears ha chiesto di chiedere alla corte "conferma, autorizzazione e direzione" per l'eredità di sua figlia per pagare gli avvocati che sono "partecipare a procedimenti riguardanti Ja...

Il giudice federale respinge l'accordo di Purdue Pharma sulle cause relative agli oppioidi sulle tutele legali per i membri della famiglia Sackler

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Un giudice federale ha annullato l'accordo sugli oppioidi di oltre $ 4 miliardi che hanno dato alla famiglia Sackler un'ampia protezione contro le controversie civili e risolto tutte le cause civili in sospeso contro il produttore di OxyContin ...

De Blasio on signing noncitizen voting bill despite ‘big legal questions’: My focus is on COVID

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In un'intervista con "Fox News domenica," de Blasio admitted that he is not 100% behind the concept of allowing noncitizens to vote, then immediately shifted to what he said is a more pressing concern: dealing with the...

Travis Scott nega la responsabilità legale nella tragedia dell'Astroworld Festival, documenti del tribunale mostrano

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Travis Scott nega le accuse, compresa la negligenza, nelle cause intentate contro di lui per la tragedia dell'Astroworld Festival, secondo i documenti del tribunale depositati dagli avvocati di Scott e ottenuti dalla CNN. Più di 140 ...

La figlia di Tim Conway ricorda la battaglia legale con la matrigna per le cure della star di "Carol Burnett Show": 'Era un disastro'

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Il comico che ha vinto quattro Emmy nel programma di varietà di Carol Burnett, recitato a bordo "La marina di McHale" e ha doppiato il ruolo di Barnacle Boy per "SpongeBob SquarePantaloni" morto nel 2019 all'età 85. Poco prima della sua morte, Kelly'...

Biden hit with string of legal losses on vaccine mandate, as DOJ vows to ‘vigorously defendit in court

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Despite the court battles, a White House official said the administration is "confident" in its authority to promote vaccine requirements. "We know vaccination requirements work," a White House official told Fox News...

Biden requiring stricter COVID testing of legal travelers even as illegal immigrants have gotten a pass

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President Biden's enhanced winter COVID-19 strategy that will be announced Thursday will require every traveler entering the country, including returning U.S. cittadini, to be tested one day before boarding their flig...

Processo a Jussie Smollett: Legal expert says guilty verdict is highly probable because of ‘strong evidence

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Smollette, 39, is accused of lying to police about being the victim of a racist and homophobic assault in Chicago and has been charged with felony disorderly conduct. A class 4 felony, the crime carries a sentence of...