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'Legally Blonde 3’ pushed to 2022

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Elle Woods fans are going to have to wait a bit longer for another "Legalmente bionda" film. MGM announced on its Twitter account this week that the film is coming -- just later than fans expected. "Elle Woods is bac...

Il tiratore FedEx ha acquistato legalmente pistole usate per sparare, dice la polizia

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Una traccia delle due pistole trovate dagli investigatori sulla scena ha rivelato che il sospetto Brandon Scott Hole, 19, di Indianapolis, ha acquistato legalmente i fucili a luglio e settembre dello scorso anno, funzionari con l'Indianapolis ...

Kelly Clarkson requests judge declare her legally single amid divorce from Brandon Blackstock: rapporto

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The 39-year-old pop star reportedly asked the judge overseeing her split from Brandon Blackstock to officially approve her divorce. According to the legal documents filed by her attorney, Laura Wasser, she's requeste...

Pablo Escobar’s cocaine hippos legally ‘people’: US judge

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The case involves a lawsuit against the Colombian government over whether to kill or sterilize the hippos whose numbers are growing at a fast pace and pose a threat to biodiversity. An animal rights groups is hailing...