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Daniil Medvedev explains US Open celebration: ‘Only legends will understand

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It appeared Medvedev was just exhausted after trying to wrap up the win in the last set and dealing with a crowd that was clearly behind Djokovic. Medvedev explained what his celebration was all about. "Only legends ...

Carmelo Anthony shares Kobe Bryant ‘warstory ahead of Lakers legend’s birthday

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Anthony, who recently signed with the Lakers in the offseason, told Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson on the "All The Smoke" podcast he and Bryant became close even before the 2008 Olimpiese Spele. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORT ...

Brasilië se sokkerlegendes Marta en Formiga skep Olimpiese geskiedenis

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Brasilië sokkerlegendes Marta en Formiga het Woensdag Olimpiese geskiedenis geskep in hul openingswedstryd van die 2020 Tokio Spele. Martha, alom beskou as een van die grootste vroulike sokkerspelers aller tye, het die ...

John Legend’s silence on Chrissy Teigen’s scandal puts his brand at risk, kenner sê: ‘Was he OK with it?’

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It was a route brand expert Eric Schiffer tells Fox News he would have advised Legend not to consider if the "Stem" coach were his own client. According to the author and the chairman of Reputation Management Consul...

University of Michigan football coaching legend’s son says dad knew doctor was abusing athletes

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The son of the University of Michigan's legendary football coach, Bo Schembechler, alleged Thursday that he was sexually abused by a former team doctor being investigated by the school -- and that his father knew an...

‘Legends of the Hidden Templeis getting a reboot for adults

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"Legends of the Hidden Temple" is getting a reboot for adults. The CW saved the show after it was initially planned for Quibi, which is no longer. The network announced the news on Tuesday, saying the Nickelodeon ...

Bofballegendes vereer in MLB se Black History Month-kunsreeks

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Major League Baseball het vanjaar Black History Month gevier deur Amerika se gunsteling tydverdryf met kuns saam te voeg. Die MLB het opdrag gegee 10 kunstenaars om die loopbane van legendariese swart bofbalspelers te vier, in 'n effo ...